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The Super Bowl is the single most viewed sporting event in the United States. Every year the top two teams in the NFL collide for the rights to hoist the Vince Lombardi trophy and be anointed Champions. Pretty important stuff.  So, do you remember who won Super Bowl XXIX?  Yeah, neither do I.  But do you remember the Budweiser commercial that launched that year, starring three frogs “Bud” “Weis” and “Er”?  I bet you do!

This year, we selflessly opted not to pay much attention to the game, and decided to focus on the true stars of Super Bowl Sunday: the advertisements!  Below is every stat you could possibly wonder about this year’s Super Bowls ads.

Should you like what you see, you can copy and paste the embed code provided below, and this nifty little infographic is all yours!  You’re welcome.

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One thought on “Super Bowl XLV: The Ads Are The Real Fun! [Infographic]
  1. Joe Nguyen says:

    Stella made it onto the list of beers, which is super surprising to me since the other 2, bud light and budwiser (same companies) are giants. I wonder what kind of budget and marketing team is behind Stella’s Superbowl campaign decision.

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