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As an SEO professionaly managing multiple websites, staying organized is key to not only my success, but ultimately the success of my clients’ campaigns. After all, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. If you’re a busy SEO, here are some tips to staying organized and becoming a well-oiled machine!

The Secret Weapon

One of the most common everyday tools that tends to get overlooked really is a secret weapon—your calendar. Here are a few clever ways you can use it apart from scheduling calls and meetings.

  • Recurring tasks/reminders like completing reports, checking Search Console, and even backing up your hard drive.
  • Team deadlines: let’s say you have a report that involves multiple parties submitting data. Set up a calendar invitation to all your team members so they are reminded of the deadline as well!
  • Blocking out time: if you have difficulty finding time to dedicate to a project, commit by blocking time out on your calendar.
  • Color coding: by assigning colors to each type of meeting you can quickly differentiate client calls and meetings from internal huddle-ups.

The Follow-Up

Have you ever sent an email to a client with something that needed to be approved or implemented on their end, just to realize a month or so in, there has not been any movement on the item since you last sent it? Let’s face it. Our clients are busy running businesses and at times look to us to remind them about tasks. Or maybe the person implementing the item is out of the office and you need to follow-up next week. A free service called FollowUpThen is an easy way to put an end to the madness. Simply send or forward an email to @followupthen.com (once you create an account) with the time you’d like to be reminded (example: tomorrow@followupthen.com) and voila! Instant reminder.

Task Management

A lot of people already have their own way of managing their tasks. Some like a regular pen and paper, post-its, a digital notepad, the list goes on. Here are some of my favorite ways to manage tasks that will hopefully help you find one you enjoy and can stick to.

  • Asana – Simple to use by creating a task and “checking” it off once you’ve completed it. What I like about this is being able to schedule deadlines, set recurring tasks, and even task assignments to other individuals.
  • Habit RPG – Makes task management fun by turning your task list in to a game. Complete with avatars, levels, pet mounts, quests, dragons, and a class system. Here’s my avatar, sitting on a phoenix with a pink pet dragon. Yes, I am level 56.HabitRPG

Note Taking

My hands-down favorite digital notepad to use is Evernote. I typically create a separate notebook for each client and usually have a set of notes I manage within each book.


Create notes for general contact information, content preferences, specifics on competitors, internal discussions, important milestone dates within a campaign, logins, agendas, you name it! What I like most is being able to “share notes” with other team members. It also doubles as task management since you can set a reminder for notes.

Now that you’ve seen some of my efficiency hacks, comment and share some of the tactics you use to stay organized!


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