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Are you trying to promote an event? Are you looking for the most entertaining way to spend your day? Then look no further because this article has every website, email update, blog and tool for staying in the loop and ahead of the crowd.  screen-shot-2010-08-02-at-80944-amLet’s start with finding a great party first, then we’ll move on to how you can promote your own.

Here are a few websites that highlight the most exciting events happening in your city.  Thrillist does a great job of updating you on restaurant openings, coupons for local activities, all types of events, new products relative to your preferences, and news appropriate for your demographic.  Thrillist provides these services for Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Chicago, New York, London, and many more cities across the globe.  This extensive collection of prudent information pertaining to party goers is also an essential tool for vacations, so you don’t look like such a tourist.

If you enjoy having a good time, all the time, then check out (your city).going.com, for example losangeles.going.com.  This website is very similar to Digg, or the organic search functions of Google, because the most popular events stay towards the top of screen-shot-2010-08-02-at-95422-amthe page.

Here is a quick collection of websites that aggregate announcements of local events, parties and concerts; Urbandaddy.com, gets you in the know, RunDown.com, allows you to stay up to date with great events and the latest viral sensations, DailyCandy.com, is for the ladies and fashionable conscious, and for the most comprehensive collection of consumer reviews I would check out Citysearch.com or Yelp.com.

Here is a quick list of websites that aggregate cultural events, just in case you want to impress a date with your intellectual side.  Public radio stations provide a plethora of interesting events, which are typically free or inexpensive.  Local news papers are always a great tool for searching through your city’s interesting activities.  For example the LA Times assembles a diverse list of popular events and places.  For an easy way to search through events associated with museums across the country, check out MetMuseum.com.


If you want to promote your own amazing event, whether it is aimed at hundreds or thousands of people, local PPC campaigns are a powerful way to approach a large amount of people.  Experienced SEO firms that handle PPC campaigns typically provide a team of dedicated account executives, keyword research, 24 hour monitoring of account’s PPC activity, optimization of search engine campaigns, and many more objectives that synchronize your online marketing goals.

If you know of any other websites that highlight upcoming events, or if you want to promote your own, please leave a comment below.


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