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As the largest state in the continental United States, it stands to reason that Texas would have a lot to offer. Though it has a bit of a reputation as an Old West holdover, and outpost for cowboys and ranchers, there’s actually a lot more to the state of Texas than that. Urban areas provide all the art and culture a city slicker could want, while the diverse scenery is ideal for outdoor adventurers of all stripes. There’s also plenty to do for adults and kids alike, so you can find something interesting for the whole family. St. Bernard Sports has put together a great infographic that outlines all sorts of fun things to do while you are in Texas!



Perhaps most interesting thing about Texas is the many diverse rural areas. Texas spans two distinct climates: dry and hot in the west and humid and lush in the east. Between the two are hundreds of exciting camping, hiking and boating opportunities. Big Bend National Park in the southwest sits right against the bend of the Rio Grande River and houses gorgeous rock formations that are unlike anything else in the country. On the opposite end of the state is Lake Murray Park, a great place for camping and indulging in all kinds of water sports.

Texas is a great place to relax in the beautiful outdoors. With so much open space, there is no trouble finding remote camping spots for the more adventurous, or spots along a more well-worn path for those who prefer the familiar. Check out the entire infographic and find the perfect vacation plans for your stay in Texas!


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