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This year’s Emmy Award Show had the most tech savvy host the show has ever seen, and this was no mistake. Jimmy Fallon has been integrating The Emmys with Twitter, Facebook and other social networks since last week, motivating fans to get involved in the whole experience.  Jimmy Fallon included his his over 2 million Twitter followers by reading their Tweets on live TV, and by giving them insights to what hosting The Emmy Award Show is like.  This blog will be discussing the democratization of TV and other outlets of media, and providing you with the tools to get the vote of popularity.

screen-shot-2010-08-30-at-63912-pmMaking an award show entertaining is no easy feat, but with a lot of hype and attempts at hilarity this year’s Emmys came really close.  This year’s opening performance featured a large variety of TV stars, such as Betty White, Tina Fey, Jon Hamm, and Jorge Garcia from ‘Lost’.  The main idea behind this all inclusive opening act was to perform in a Glee Club competition, and the song they chose to recreate was The Boss’ Born To Run.  After watching the entire opening act it occurred to me that they we able to combine an American icon; Bruce Springsteen, the Glee club, stars from hard hitting dramas, hilarious comics and flamboyant fashion designers.  The show opened with a very approachable cast because a member from each genre was present, so immediately all TV fans felt like they were being catered to in some way.

Engaging the fans was a prevalent theme in this year’s Emmys and there was no better example of this than the online presence of backstage cameras next to the live Twitter feed.

screen-shot-2010-08-30-at-91847-pm This cross over theme continued with Jimmy Fallon’s comical depiction of Sir Elton John, Boys II Men, and Green Day’s Billy Joe Armstrong.  This compilation of a wide variety of artists was another attempt to speak to the complex collection of TV fans which were present for the show.  Even advertisements running throughout the show followed the cross over lead when the cast from ‘Community’ enjoyed a ride together in the new Infinity QX56.

Because there are so many options for customers in this democratized world of media, companies have to beware of trends and the preferences of their customer’s.  This truth is exemplified with MySpace’s recent  partnership with Facebook, enabling the synchronization of  of their content on to Facebook.

screen-shot-2010-08-30-at-102241-pmThis synchronization is a great example of a company staying nimble to a client’s needs, as apposed to trying to combat stiff competition.

I am officially out of room, but I do want to leave you with this quick link to all of the award wining shows from this years Emmy Award Show.  Also for more tips on how to stay ahead in the world of SEO check out Wpromote online.


One thought on “Social Media Caters to Democratized Entertainment
  1. The inclusion of the social networks on this year’s award show was quite clever, and really a great way to include fans, made everything quite interesting, I am sure it peaked viewer excitement especially those thinking that their tweets might actually be viewed or shared. On another note, very smart move by Myspace to partner up with Facebook, they might have just bought themselves a lifeline!

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