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So simple a kid could use it!

Nowadays when people ask me a question and I don’t know the answer, by simply typing exactly what they have asked me into Google returns usually some type of relevant answer that may help me answer that question.

But seriously folks, how is your attention span compared to the next generation of the largest new market of consumers – the young 8-15 year olds out there who spend the most of their parent’s money on the latest movies, games, gadgets, you name it.

What I’m getting at is that it is about time things start to change. How much longer will be we inhibited by browsers. Why can’t an online community exist in a much more interesting medium than a text based one.

The future is coming soon and it will drastically change our use of the Internet as we know it today. Soon our desktops will be able to do things we never dreamed of in Hi-definition and with great clarity and speed. As the new technology emerges some of the questions that will come out of it are;

Music Industry – How come a song that was just released by Ashley Simpson costs $0.99 on iTunes and a classic hit song by the Beatles also costs $0.99. There is something really wrong with this and I feel that the Beatles track should be ‘valued by the its track record’.

//www.eog.com/uploadedImages/images/ENTERTAINMENT/asimpsonflash.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. VS http://www.cornichon.org/archives/Beatles%20album%20cover.jpg

Ashley Simpson VS The Beatles

How in world do you do this? That’s the million dollar question. New delivery methods are undoubtedly on the way and the television channels we currently watch on TV networks will soon become merged into your desktop via Hi-Speed bandwith over IP. Why not just buy it FROM the artist instead of iTunes? For now its just easier.

//www.integratedconsultants.com/images/magnifyingGlass.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.The whole way we search is going to change too.

Why when I search am I limited to the algorithm that Google has created and has made all these companies become slaves to? Something gonna come soon and shake this all up.

Why when I search on images in Google am I limited to such a TERRIBLE interface?

The point here is that a browser really can’t cut it for certain types of searches…the way of the text-based search is going bye-bye and Google has about 3-5 years left at this model…which really can’t be changed other than adding video search. Unless Google develops a better browser soon they will become a lot less of what we are all seemingly praying to as ‘google gods’ for the time being.

What does this mean for the future of search marketing?

Drastic changes so we’d better be prepared.

If there is a better way for us to get content faster and search visually rather than with text, the entire concept of SEO will be out of date and I may need to switch industries or redefine how to help clients reach their customers online.

Just something to think about. Maybe we can figure this out some way and stay ahead of the 9 year old technology we currently embrace daily and are afraid to ‘piss off’ and get kicked out of.

Your friendly neighborhood SEO.


5 thoughts on “So how long will this ‘Google’ thing really last?
  1. Fred says:

    Agreed – I’m tired of bowing down to all of Google’s silly whims to get a crust from the internet. Hope they die the death of millions of websites they’ve killed.

  2. wiips says:

    You say that now, but if Google actually poofed, you all would be missing it.

  3. Mike says:

    I believe there is definitely a lot more to it than silly whims. It all goes back to the end user and how to better serve them. From what I can tell, most changes have all been from the end user perspective and how to make Google better for them. Ultimately their algorithm must keep getting more complex to keep results from being manipulated and serving users with content they were not searching for to begin with.

  4. Dr Altaf says:

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    Appreciate help.

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