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With the summer drawing to an end, holiday mayhem is lurking just around the corner and social platforms know it better than anyone. Facebook has taken aim at brick-and-mortar optimizations, Instagram is trying to streamline its ad capabilities, Twitter continues to fall behind, and Snapchat sets its sights on the prize. The real question on everyone’s mind: who will come out as MVP this holiday season? Only time will tell.


Facebook Is Introducing Dynamic Ads For In-Store Retail

A whopping 49% of in-store purchases have digital interactions to (at least somewhat) thank for them. Breaking it down even more, mobile accounts for over half of that interaction. So it only makes sense that Facebook is working to improve its capabilities for brick-and-mortar ad pushes and data management.

Since June, the social giant has been announcing new in-store capabilities for marketers, and this week they have continued that trend with their new dynamic ads feature for retail.


Using each individual store’s local product catalog, Facebook can now create dynamic ads that are custom-built. Using local product availability, pricing, and promotions, each ad is tailored to fit brick-and-mortar better than ever before.

This feature is currently being tested at a number of major retailers and is expected to be further rolled out in the upcoming weeks. 

Facebook Wants You! … To Get More Foot Traffic

Piggybacking onto the brick-and-mortar dynamic ads feature, in the same announcement Facebook revealed its new “Store Visits” objective.


Presented as their first objective specifically for driving in-store traffic, it features store visits as a new primary reporting metric. Using location services on shoppers’ cell phones, Facebook will estimate data for that new metric.

The objective also includes improved geo-targeting based on population density and desired reach, and will be rolled out over the next month to advertisers.


Instagram Amps Up Their Action-Driving Enhancements

It has been about a year since Instagram link ads launched last fall, and they’re in it to win it this holiday season. With quite a few small but important updates, the image-sharing app is coming after the marketplace.


Step one to Instagram’s advertising take-over: an updated call to action button. When a user scrolls and rests on an ad for four seconds or taps on the profile name, the button will be highlighted.


To further emphasize their call to action button, the price, destination URL, or app store rating will also automatically be added to the button.


Perhaps the most exciting new feature, though, is the new video link ad screen. When a user unmutes a video ad, the destination URL will pop up on the bottom of their screen while the video continues to play up top. This screen split also gives people the option to close the video if they want to continue to browse the webpage more fully.

These updates, along with a few others, will be rolled out over the next month according to the social platform.


Twitter Changes Its Character Count (Kind Of)

Rumors have swirled around Twitter that this year would be the time they remove, or adjust, their infamous 140-character count. Alas, they did not technically change the count, but they did make a small change that can have a big impact.

As of this week, photos, videos, GIFs, polls, and quote tweets will no longer count towards that character count. Will this change help Twitter regain footing in the social platform race? So far that answer is still a no.


New Kid On The Block Is Coming For Your Ad Revenue

Snapchat announced that it is rolling out 3 new ad-targeting features that will make it much more competitive in this upcoming season.


The three new features – Snap Audience Match, Snapchat Lifestyle Categories, and Lookalikes – all resemble Facebook advertising and seem to be Snapchat’s way of gunning for that holiday season market.

Snapchat’s chief strategy officer had this to say: “We’re working hard to show our community engaging, relevant ads, in turn helping our advertising partners drive amazing return on investment.”

Looks like Facebook’s competition is heating up.


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