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Dynamic Ads and Canvas Ads for App Installs are coming to Facebook. Plus, a new “Behavior and Emotions” study had some interesting tidbits on how people interact with the two platforms. All that plus Twitter’s changes to verified accounts and Snapchat’s Bitmoji integration in the Smorgasbord below!


Apps, Apps, & More Apps! (Installs…)

Facebook’s new App Event optimization will allow “developers to focus on the users of their apps who are most likely to take valuable actions within those apps.”

Dynamic product ads will soon allow for app install ads. Users will be delivered an app install ad featured by a product they’ve previously shown interest in and, once they install the app, will immediately be taken to that product page to purchase. This makes it easier to drive sales within apps rather than on mobile sites.

Canvas is coming to mobile app install ads too. The more immersive experience hopes to increase app downloads over the traditional static delivery.

Behavior & Emotions Study

Facebook released an interesting “Behavior and Emotions” study analyzing how users interact with content on both Facebook and Instagram.


Users were found to be 1.3 times more likely to interact with celebrity content on Instagram vs. Facebook and millennials were more fond of videos over older generations.

When major events strike, users turn to Facebook for reactions and opinions and Instagram for behind-the-scenes content. The definition of “fun” on Facebook is “humor,” while on Instagram it’s “encountering the unexpected.”

Facebook is for information. Instagram is for inspiration.


Getting Verified Just Got Easier

Twitter users no longer have to wait for the social network to reach out to them when it comes to verification. Now, they can submit a request for verification via the website.

Verification requires a verified phone number and e-mail address, completed bio, profile photo, birthday, and website. Tweets must also be set to public.




After downloading the separate Bitmoji app and creating a custom Bitmoji avatar, users can then integrate with Snapchat and use the avatar as custom stickers.

Suggest Feature

The new Suggest button lets users suggest who their friends should follow!



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