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Deep Linking On Facebook App Install Ads Is Now A Thing!

Wait, what?

Until now, if you were to download an app because you saw an ad for a great pair of shoes, you had to wait for the app to finish downloading and then remember what it was you wanted and then search for it. Thanks to deep linking, marketers can now create App Install ads that will take you directly to that great pair of shoes when you open the app for the first time. Thanks for finally acknowledging our 5-second attention span, Facebook! This is great news for business as Facebook is now placing users one step closer to a conversion.



Instagram Music[1]A New Home For Music Lovers With @Music

Recently, Instagram launched @music, an Instagram account fully dedicated to everything music. The account, similar to Twitter’s @TwitterMusic and most recently, @TwitterFood , is meant to be a community based on interest and will feature a wide variety of high-quality, music-related posts. Could @music become another platform for advertisers in the music industry? Maybe, but for now we’ll just have to enjoy the content @music gives us.



Snapchat Introduces Discover Messages

In a Snapchat sea of double-chinned selfies and cats with drawn-on eye patches, the super-polished, professionally made content on the Discover feature seems a little out of place. In what appears to be an attempt to rescue the dwindling sponsorship opportunity, Snapchat announced that you can now privately share content from Discover with other users. Even better, you can add your own drawings and text before sending them to all your friends – which means you may be seeing a lot of mustache-clad Cosmopolitan models in your inbox soon.


Snapchat Makes It Easier To Find Users

In other Snapchat news, you may finally be able to find your favorite famous cat’s account. Snapchat’s lackluster discovery capabilities made it near impossible to find a friend or celebrity on the app without knowing their exact username or being able to scan the QR code (or “Snapcode”) from the user’s phone. This week, however, Snapchat made it a little easier by allowing users to download vector images of their Snapcodes to put on websites, marketing materials, and just about anything else. It’s a pretty small step considering the vast search functions of Facebook and Twitter, but maybe now we can all find J.Lo on Snapchat and live a happier life.

Snapchat Discover


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