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Hey there friends, welcome to another Smattering of SEO, the last for 2016! It’s been a crazy year hasn’t it, and we’ve tried to keep you informed as best we can, like this week! Check it out!

Google News

  • Property Sets Expanded Across All Search Console Reports – A little while back, Google added the ability to add properties into sets, but it was only in a teensy part of Search Console. Apparently the feature was so popular that the functionality has now been added across the entirety of Search Console! Nice!
  • Google May Be Sabotaging Its Own AMP Efforts By Not Using Direct Links – In an article by Search Engine Land’s Danny Sullivan, research into the apparent speed benefits from using AMP pages revealed that Google returns its own cached URL rather than a direct link to the published content. He found that in many cases, content loaded slower via Google’s cache than from the publisher directly. Google’s response was that it doesn’t plan to change this practice of returning cached URLs, and that has led some publications, such as MacStories, to remove AMP support altogether. It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out in the coming months.


Yahoo News

  • Yahoo Launches ‘Answers Now’ App – A while back, all the players in the space were trying to be “answer engines,” offering personalized answers to specific queries. The biggest among these – so much so it’s still around and very busy – is Yahoo Answers. While many were concerned about the future of this content behemoth, with the launch of Yahoo’s Answers Now app, we get the feeling the service will be around for a while. While Google has done a fine job of catering to answering specific questions, Yahoo Answers provides answers by other users, making it a useful resource. It’ll be interesting to see if this new avenue into personalized answering will take off.
  • Yahoo Releases Top Searches Of 2016 – According to Yahoo, many of the top searches of this past year involved the election, Donald Trump, Prince, the Pulse Nightclub shooting, and much more. Interestingly enough, Google wasn’t present on their list of top ten companies.


Other News

  • Moz Local Becomes First Third-Party Yelp Management Tool – On Wednesday, Moz announced a big partnership with Yelp, and one of the biggest features is that Moz Local will now offer the ability to claim and manage Yelp listings entirely within the Moz Local toolset. This is the first time a third-party tool has been made available to manage Yelp listings, so it’s kind of a pretty big deal.


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