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After a massive update to Google, everyone is all doooooom and gloooooom. Is SEO dead, they all ask? Is SEO over? NO, IT’LL NEVER BE OVER SO SHUDDUP. Er…I mean…it’s therefore nice to see someone take a positive spin on a massive algo update, as you’ll see in the news below. Enjoy!

Google News

  • Report: Penguin Winners Easy To Spot, Backlink Auditing More Difficult – In a detailed written analysis of the aftermath of the recent Penguin 4.0 drop, Searchmetrics found quite a few interesting pieces of information. First off, they said increased crawling led up to the update, which could be a signal for future updates. They also found that while winners were fairly easy to spot, losers are much harder to spot due to the real-time and more granular nature of the update. It’s a really fascinating report that y’all should read ASAP.
  • Column: Penguin 4.0 “Positive And Necessary” – In a great column over on Search Engine Land, author Andrew Dennis talks about why Penguin 4.0 is just so dang great. This includes the devaluing link thing, along with faster updates now that it’s real time. The crux, however, is that “Penguin 4.0 is continuing the trend that the original Penguin release began: eliminating the noise of link spam and allowing real, value-driven links to shine through.”


  • Google Has Original Source Detection Algorithms, Apparently – In a recent Google Hangout session, Google’s John Mueller was asked how Google can determine the original source of content. He said they have, and I quote, “a bunch of algorithms that try to recognize the original source of the content”. That’s ultimately a good thing for the folks who originally create the content.
  • Google Has No Authority Score – This really isn’t a surprise, per se, but it’s interesting regardless. According to, again, Google’s John Mueller, Google doesn’t have an internal authority score like you see on Moz or Ahrefs. That’s probably for the best. I mean, if we tried to fight the authority, the authority would always win.
  • Lots Of Search Changes Launched Around End Of Quarter – Google’s John Mueller – AGAIN with that guy, geez – mentioned recently that a lot of Google’s teams like to try and launch new search features and changes around or before the end of a quarter so they can say they finished their thingies in that quarter. Hilarious.
  • Tag Manager Now Supports Accelerated Mobile Pages – Hey, you, wants some AMP in your GTM? I got da goods right here. By that I mean Tag Manager now supports AMP-based pages, adding support for what look to be a couple dozen AMP-related tags to the platform. GTM also supports Firebase, their mobile development platform, which isn’t as easy to joke about using acronyms.


  • Google News Adds Fact Checking Via Schema – Wow, news about news! Google News, that is! 😉 Interestingly, Google recently added ClaimReview schema support in order to bring fact checking labels to Google News. Interestingly, even if the schema is used, Google can choose to ignore it. What a weird election cycle this has been.


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