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Hey look, it’s another Smattering of SEO News! The news digest that helps you digest the news as easily as you might a fresh Twinkie. This week…not much happened, honestly. Google made a widget warning and…yeah…that was mostly it. Enjoy!

Google News

  • Google Posts Another Widget Link Warning – A while back, Google posted a not-so-subtle warning about creating widgets with keyword-rich links, because apparently, this is still happening. Google warned that these types of widget links – examples of which you can see in Google’s Post (and below) – can receive manual actions. So if you either made widgets like this or are using them on your site, you better take ’em down like, yesterday.


  • AMPed Up Exposure Coming Soon – Google has announced that it’ll be expanding the scope and reach of Accelerated Mobile Pages, covering Ecommerce, entertainment, travel, and other types of sites they weren’t covering before. AMPs will also begin to appear within normal search results as well, rather than be relegated to their own little carousels. I guess they like AMPs…
  • Study: Google Wins As Ecommerce Traffic Source – Surprising exactly no and one, but still interesting to look at regardless, the folks at Wolfgang Digital did a study into conversions and traffic sources of leading Ecommerce sites. According to their research, Google drives about 70% of traffic (43% organic, 27% paid) and 66 % of revenue (41% organic, 25% paid). What about the others? Poor Bing and Yahoo! drive around 1-2% apiece. The second biggest source  of traffic and revenue behind Google is direct traffic, the report found.
  • Mueller: Increased Search Console Crawl Errors Could = Busy Crawlers – In a recent Google Live Hangout – because of course, those are news sources, but whatever, this is interesting – Google’s John Mueller said that if you have a site with a ton of crawl errors in Search Console, and a lot of those URLs are on the old side, then you likely don’t need to worry too much about it. Mueller said basically the crawlers go back to double check the validity and age of the URLs. That’s a relief…right?
  • Yup, More Google Update Chatter – Because we’re using chatter as a news source now – because why not? – apparently folks are still gabbing about fluctuations in their SERPs. While Google said some handwavey things about their search engine always going through updates, and that’s likely what this is – hey, it was a slow news week (again) and I wanted to pad this out. 😉


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