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Welcome to 2017 my friends, and a new Smattering of SEO News! I was off for two weeks, and not a ton of stuff happened over the break, so this is a small digest, but it’s got some fun stuff in it. Hope y’all enjoy it!

Google News


  • Mueller: In 2017, Apply The Same SEO Techniques On Desktop AND Mobile – If you have a responsive site, this isn’t as big a deal, but according to John Mueller, if you have a separate mobile site, you REALLY SHOULD (hint hint) begin to apply the same SEO techniques (you know, content, tags, etc.) to your mobile site that you do to your desktop site. It might be a bit of extra work, but it sounds like it’ll be worth it.
  • Mueller (Again): WIX Works Fine For Search – For a while now, many SEOs (myself included) would tell you that WIX sites were just terrible, awful, no good, very bad for SEO. Well, according to John Mueller of Google, “WIX websites work fine in search.” That’s nice to hear, as many folks rely on WIX sites for their primary business.
  • SEO Spam Can Make Your Site More Vulnerable To Hacking – Google recently announced that SEO spam is one of the main reasons sites are targeted by hackers. Apparently, it can open up a site to all sorts of malicious attacks that can drive your customers away! One more reason NOT to engage in SEO spam. Period!


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