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Hey friends, welcome to another Smattering of SEO News, your bestest digestest on what’s going on this week in SEO news, and this past week…not much happened. Seriously, it was sloooohoooowwww, and I really had to scrounge to get even these stories together for y’all. Hope you enjoy ’em!

Google News

  • Google Says Panda Rollouts To Continue – In a recent Google Hangout – because they’re as good a source of news as any, right? – Google’s John Mueller stated that Panda is undergoing a gradual rollout, and it might not take the better part of a year to reach the next milestone. Therefore, you’re not likely to see any bumps or anything, just gradual changes in your rankings as it’s rolled out. Fun times!
  • Analysis: Phantom Panda Updates Are All About Quality – Speaking of Panda, this is less news and more “wow,” but Search Engine Land has the first in a two-part series looking at Panda and its effects. The first part – which is a fascinating read and it’s highly suggested you do so at your earliest convenience – talks about the history of the algorithm, its phantom updates, and much more. Go read it, I’ll wait.

google panda


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