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Man, it was a slooohooooow news week last week. Likely this is because of Memorial Day, but still, dang. Nonetheless, there was some juicy stuff in the news last week that’s definitely worth reading (unlike all the junk I usually send, which you should never read). Enjoy!

Google News

  • Google: Don’t Create Content To Gain Links – Google posted a new blog post entitled, “A reminder about links in large-scale article campaigns,” in which they sent out a not-so-subtle warning. While they’re not against things like guests posts if they’re truly meant to inform and educate, they do have a problem with these types of articles being written just to gain links. This sort of content has several factors, such as a lot of keywords or not being super informative, that Google uses to determine whether this is indeed a genuine article or…not. They posted this due to an increase in spammy links, so stop it people. C’mon now.

  • Google Updates Rater Guidelines With More Detail On Your Money Or Your Life Pages, & More – In all of my time in SEO, I’ve honestly never heard of “Your Money or Your Life” pages until today. These are, if you’re like me and didn’t know, pages that can have a significant affect on your personal or financial well-being. Google usually rates these pages higher than other, more standard news articles, but in recent rater guidelines, they weren’t super clear as to the difference between these and news pages. Newly updated guidelines make the distinction more clear, and also offer more guidance on offensive results. Go check it out! No, seriously, go, I’m not being facetious.
  • Personal Tab Added To SERPs – Some folks are seeing a new tab at the top of the search results: Personal. This apparently now pulls in stuff that has a direct relationship to you, likely via your email. So if I did a search for, say, video games, it might show up under that tab (they’re my life, man). It’s not rolled out for everyone yet, as I couldn’t make one of these things fire, but it looks nifty. Keep an eye out for it.

Other News

  • Facebook Adds AMP & Apple News Support To Instant Articles – A little while back, Facebook rolled out support for Instant Articles, a proprietary format that was similar to Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages in that these pages would show a really fast, cut-down version of an original article for mobile users. Well, now you can have your cake and eat it too (mmmm, cake!), as Facebook has rolled out a tool that allows you to convert Instant Articles pages to AMP and Apple News formats. Now cats and dogs can live together without the mass hysteria! Yay!


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