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Quite a bit of stuff this week, my friends! From new tools to unique structured data on every page to apps now driving the majority of Ecommerce sales in the US, there’s a lot to chew on. I hope y’all enjoy it!

Google News

  • Google Releases Mobile Scorecard & Revenue Impact Tool – In their efforts to bolster the importance of mobile site speed, Google released two new tools. The first is a mobile scorecard that lets you see your and other URLs loading time based on data from their Chrome User Experience Report, if available. The second tool is a revenue calculator that will show just how much potential revenue a site is losing due to slow site speed. You can try both tools here.
  • Mueller: Structured Data Should Be Unique To Each Page – In a recent Google Hangout, Google’s John Mueller dropped the insight that structured data — like title and meta tags — should be unique to each page, rather than copied in bulk across several pages. No word on whether there would be any penalties for duplicated structured data.
  • Breadcrumbs Added To SERPs, Indicating A Possible Mobile-First UI – Google recently began adding informational breadcrumbs to search engine results pages, a move that has Search Engine Journal’s Roger Montti speculating that this is part of a shift towards a more mobile UI across their entire series of products. The breadcrumbs are generated based on queries, but don’t always match the way the queries are phrased. For example, a search for “I. K. Gujrai” might result in a breadcrumb, “India > Prime Ministers > I. K. Gujrai.” Combined with relevant images, this seems to be geared toward mobile users primarily. We’ll definitely keep an eye on this and see how it evolves.

  • Some Classic Search Console Features May Not Migrate To New Version – In what appears to be some conflicting information, John Mueller first said all of Search Console’s features will port over to the new version. However, shortly thereafter, Google’s Gary Illyes reportedly said that information on links probably won’t be included because “we don’t want to start a war.” We’re unsure what that means, but we’ll keep you posted as we learn more … if we learn more.
  • Data Being Removed From YouTube Analytics – Google recently announced that YouTube’s analytics would begin to aggregate data from various sources, such as YouTube Kids and YouTube Gaming, into one set of data, and that demographic data won’t be as robust as before, in order to “further protect the privacy of viewers.” You can read the post in the YouTube help forum here.

Other News

  • Report: Majority Of Sales & Conversions Come From Mobile Apps – A report recently released by Criteo states that, as of Q4 2017, mobile apps make for the majority of both sales and conversions. For example, 44% of sales are made with apps, versus 33% from the desktop and 23% from mobile web browsers. The conversion rate is also startlingly higher on mobile apps, 21% on an app versus 6% on the mobile web. You can read the full report for the US here.


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