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Hey folks, welcome to another Smattering of SEO News, the only SEO digest you truly need to keep apprised of the latest in SEO (i.e. I weed out the garbage so you don’t have to read it!). This pre-Thanksgiving had some interesting tidbits, and by the way, we’ll be off next week for the holiday, so I hope it’s a great one for y’all!

Google News

  • Possible Google Update On November 10th – Matt Southern over on Search Engine Journal noticed that not only his own site saw severe fluctuations in search engine traffic via Analytics on November 10th, but the volatility tools that scour the SERPs, such as Mozcast, noticed something too. Apparently, many webmasters are reporting in that they’ve also seen severe fluctuations. We’ll let you know if we learn more about this spike in volatility.


  • Search Console Is Getting An Infrastructure Update – Have you been on Search Console lately and noticed that the data might be a bit…squiffy? You’re not alone! It seems like Google is applying infrastructure updates to Search Console that’s making it all go floooooey here and there. No word on how long the updates will be rolling out, but it’s something to be mindful of if you heavily rely on Search Console.
  • Mueller: Google Doesn’t Use HREF Lang HTML Code – Well this is an interesting piece of whatsit, ain’t it? According to Google’s John Mueller, for different language versions of a site, they rely on HREF Lang markup, rather than the older, less reliable, and just downright annoying HREF Lang HTML code, because apparently, “…this language markup is something that is almost always wrong.” Well dang.
  • Illyes: External Links Are Important, M’kay? – Well no, he didn’t say those exact words, but mirroring what Matt Cutts said ages ago, Google’s Gary Illyes said, basically, that external links translate to a vote of popularity and endorsement for a website. Yes, I know we all know that and, yes, I know that’s a run-on sentence but it’s a slow week and I need filler, okay?

Other News

  • Survey: 70% Of Customers Will Leave A Review When Specifically Asked – In a recent survey from the folks at BrightLocal – in which they surveyed around 1,000 people – they found that around 70% of those people will leave a review when asked specifically to do so. They also found that most customers pay very close attention to reviews and review scores, so this is all important stuff to keep in mind when running a business that can rely heavily on customer reviews.


  • FACEBOOK IS KILLING PEOPLE (By Erroneously “Memorializing” Their Accounts) – In a…can we say slightly humorous news story? Of course we can, that’s why I included it. Somehow the social network had a bug in which it incorrectly declared a bunch of people dead, and “memorialized” their accounts as such. This also affected Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg (OH GOD NOT THE ZUCK wait he’s fine okay whew). Shortly thereafter Facebook found the “terrible error” (seriously, their words) and fixed it. Whew.


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