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Hey friends, welcome to another Smattering of SEO News! After a few weeks of slow or no real news, we’re inundated this week with a bunch of updates. Enjoy!

Google News

  • Google Defines Impressions, Clicks, & More In New Help Doc – Google released a new help document that strives to help define what it means by common phrases such as clicks, impressions, and position. For example, impressions are when your search results loads in the SERPs, but a click is an actual click on the result. Clarification like this is definitely helpful.

google help

  • Google Moves Google.com To HTTP Strict Transport Security Protocol – Google has begun migrating to HTTP Strict Transport Security, or HSTS, to force users to go to the HTTPS version of the search engine even without using a 301 redirect. This will prevent people from accidentally using any HTTP version of Google.com that might exist.
  • Mobile Boosts Google Revenue Up To $21.5 Billion – Google had a pretty good quarter, according to their recent earnings report. Their revenue year-over-year for Q2 was up to $21.5 billion, up 21% from the year before. Paid clicks were also up by a lot, around 30% year-over-year. Alphabet CEO Ruth Porat explained much of the growth was driven “primarily by mobile search.” One can see why they’re so keen to be mobile-focused and friendly.

Google AMP News

  • AMP Coming To Organic Search – Remember how AMP were originally meant for news-focused pages? Yeaaahhhhh, that didn’t last long. Now Google is saying that AMP is coming to organic search results, and before you get worried, they clarified that this will NOT affect rankings. Still, it might be a good thing to implement sooner rather than later regardless.


  • Structured Data Importance Downgraded For AMP – If, like me, you’ve tried to implement AMP on your site, you might’ve noticed that Search Console told you there’s a tooooooon of errors related to structured data for your AMP URLs. Well, apparently they’ve downgraded the importance/need of structured data for AMP, so you’ll likely see far fewer results in SC, which is good for the wider adoption it’s about to receive.

Other News

  • Brands Will Be Able To Promote Reddit Posts – Reddit is going to add the ability for brands to sponsor user-submitted posts that promote their brands (with the user’s permission, thankfully). This should give marketers another avenue to tap into this tremendous resource.
  • Yandex Sees 30% Year-Over-Year Revenue Increase – Russian search engine Yandex saw a major spike in revenue over the last year. Q2 2016 revenue was around $280.7 million (or about 18 billion Rubles), up from about 14 million Rubles the same quarter last year. They also cite mobile as a major reason for the increased revenue, just like Google.


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