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So, shocker, Google’s mobile-first index won’t drop this year. I know I was surprised. Were you surprised? I was totally surprised. Some other stuff happened too, like apparently people are still using Ask.com. Next thing you’ll be telling me is folks still use Alta Vista…

Google News

  • Mobile-First Index Unlikely In 2017 – In recent remarks at the Next10X conference, Google’s Gary Illyes basically said he doesn’t expect the mobile-first index to drop this year, but more likely in 2018. I am so, so surprised. Seriously though, this is a big deal, so it makes sense that it’d take awhile to launch.
  • Search Console Hit With Link Data Bug – Google recently confirmed — via Twitter, of course, which is where everything happens these days — that Search Console is currently afflicted with a link data bug that shows “No data available.” That’s a shame, he was great on Star Trek. Er, I mean, yeah. It’ll come back soon, says Google’s Gary Illyes, also via Twitter.

  • Google Cooler Than Apple Or Netflix According To Google – This less “news” and more “hahahahahha,” but Google recently conducted a survey entitled “It’s Lit” (no, seriously, that was the title) in which they asked young folk about the “coolness” factor of various brands, and shock of shocks, YouTube is number one and Google is three?! THREE? Preposterous. Kids these days. Anyway, this whole thing is ridiculous, but fun to talk about, right? Right?
  • Google Continues To Crack Down On Fake Map Listings – Google recently released a report in which they detail their continuing efforts to remove fake listings from Maps. Apparently fake listings are down from an all-time high of 70% in 2015. Wowie, good for them!

Other News

  • Ask.com Accidentally Leaks Search Data Of All Five People Using It – Seriously though, Ask.com made a serious booboo the other day wherein, via some Apache weirdness, private search queries were visible for a spell. Thankfully, none of the IP addresses for the folks making these searches (who still uses Ask? Seriously?) were leaked, so that’s good at least.


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