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Welcome to another week of news! This week was…odd, in that there wasn’t much news, so I kinda had to scrape the bottom of the barrel. I hope you enjoy the scrum I found.

Google News

  • Google Releases New Mobile Page Benchmark Report – Did you know most mobile users will leave a page after three seconds of loading time? Well, you do now. That and more are in a new Google research report in which they show that, if a page takes three seconds to load, thirty-two percent of users might bounce. Five seconds? Up to NINETY percent. Yeesh. That is crazy, yet sadly likely very accurate, so work on that speed folks!

  • Google, Still Not Fans Of Guest Blogging – A while back, Google pretty much entirely devalued the links coming from guest blogs, and yet, someone still asked John Mueller on Twitter about it. Unsurprisingly, he basically told the question asker (yes that’s a word…now) to use their own site to spread the word on content, not guest blogging. Good to know, but they should’ve known already.
  • Google Releases Podcasting SEO Advice – Nowadays everyone and their grandmother has a podcast. I know I do. Yet with all of the content out there, how do you get discovered? Google has some tips! The big one is transcripts. Boy, do they love them some transcripts. Also, however, the big deal is making the podcast episodes easy to find through individual posts for each episode, for example, and so on. Great stuff.
  • Fifty Percent Of Page One Results In Google Could Be HTTPS By June – Over on Moz, Dr. Pete Meyers revealed some research in which, due to current trends, he feels that half of first-page results on Google will be HTTPS-enabled in just a few months. This surprises me because I thought we’d already reached that level of saturation.

  • One Billion Hours Of Video Consumed On YouTube Each Day – This is less in the “news” and more in the “whoa” department. According to the Wall Street Journal, YouTube serves one billion hours of video each day. That is…insane. That would apparently take 100,000 years to watch. Geez.

Other News

  • Oh No! DMOZ Is Shutting Down – Yes, my friends, you read right. The classic Open Directory Project, also known as DMOZ, is shutting down on March 17th. DMOZ has been something of a stable of the web since the late 90s, and for a while was the end all be all of getting link equity to your site. It’s the end of an era, and even though it’s lost much of its relevance in recent years, it’ll be missed.


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