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Hello my friends, and welcome to another Smattering of SEO! This week’s big news pieces all seemed to revolve around new or upcoming tools, so let’s have at it.

Google News

  • Google Adds Instant Medical Info To Knowledge Graph – Google has rolled out an update to their knowledge graph that will provide instant medical information to those doing searches on medical symptoms. This should provide results for symptom-related searches such as “headache on left side of face” for example, and will hopefully provide faster relief or information to those folks who need it the most. I could see this being useful for searches where time might be of the essence.



  • Search Console Adds Keyword Comparison Report – Apparently a little tool was sneakily added to Search Console that lets you compare exact words and phrases. Once you entered your two phrases, you’ll be able to see data such as pages ranked, countries, devices, and more. While this is unlikely to replace more traditional keyword research tools, it’s a nice tool to have at one’s side.
  • More Data Could Be Coming To Search Console – Jennifer Slegg over on The SEM Post had a chance to sit down with Google’s Gary Illyes and grill him about Search Console, and what’s coming to hopefully make it better for folks like you and me. The big, big takeaway is that more users want more data, so it sounds like we’re gonna get it, including more than ninety days of it. I can’t wait to see this come to pass.
  • Search Console Mobile Usability Screenshots Leaked – It appears as if Google might be testing a new mobile usability report, if leaked screenshots over on Search Engine Land are to be believed (and why wouldn’t they?). This report looks to coincide with issues found on their Mobile-Friendly test as well, which would be darn helpful. Hopefully we’ll get to play with this ourselves before too long.
  • Analytics Adds Hacked Spam Notifications – It’s recently been announced that Google Analytics will now alert you as to whether your site has been compromised by hackers. The alert basically tells you your site might be hacked, and to go check it out in Search Console. Neat.


  • AMP Validator Tools Launched – Google surely wants AMP to be more widely adopted, and to help with that, they’ve launched some tools to make it easier to ensure your pages are AMPed properly. This includes a new web-based tool as well as a Chrome extension! This should help folks striving to adopt AMP make it easier on themselves (because it can be a pickle, let me tell ya).

Other News

  • Matt Cutts To Join Pentagon’s Defense Digital Service For A Time – Google’s Matt Cutts recently announced that, as part of his leave of absence from Google, he’s going to be working with the Defense Digital Service at the Pentagon. It looks like he’s going to be helping them prevent things such as hacking and identity theft, which looks to be a good use of his talents. It’ll be interesting to see whether he stays with the government or does, eventually, return to Google.



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