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Guys. GUYS. We have actual news this week. And a good bit of it. There need to be conferences more often, because that’s when the good stuff comes out. The mobile-first rollout is a huge surprise too.

Google Mobile-First Index News

  • Mobile-First Index Has Begun (Slowly) Rolling Out – In a nice surprise from Google’s Gary Illyes at last week’s SMX East conference, he said the mobile-first index has begun its slow rollout. We all thought it was gonna be next year, so boom, there ya go. Not a ton of details as of yet besides the fact that it’s going well and that we’ll get an official blog post on it soon. You can, in the meantime, read some tips from Eric Enge on prepping to be mobile-first ready. Also…

  • Mobile-First Index Rolls Out On A Hostname Level – Also according to Gary Illyes, he thinks the rollout is happening on a hostname level, so www.example.com, example.com, and subdomain.example.com could all be indexed separately. We’ll bring you more on this as we have it, but finally…
  • Google Won’t Tell Us When The Rollout Is Done – Finally from SMX East, Gary Illyes said that, not only will Google never tell us when the mobile-first rollout might be done … it might NEVER be done. Does that mean it’s gonna be a real-time algorithm like Penguin? Too soon to tell, I guess.

Google News

  • Google Moves To Location Rather Than Domain-Based Filtering For Searches – Google recently announced that it’s moving away from a domain-focused method to determine local searches, and will instead use the location of the searcher. Therefore (to use their example), if you’re in Australia, you’ll get Australian-focused results, but if you travel to New Zealand, you’ll get NZ results. Neat!
  • Google Wants To Rely Less On Structured Data & Schema – Google’s Gary Illyes (yes, him again) said at SMX East that Google wants to get away from relying on schema and structured data. This is likely a good thing, as structured data can break so dang easily. No word on when this might happen — or hell, if it actually will ever happen — but it’s a neat tidbit to keep in mind in the future.

  • Mueller: Improve Poor-Quality Content Rather Than Remove It – In a recent Google Hangout, Google’s John Mueller basically said he feels the best way to deal with low-quality content is to — rather than remove it — improve it as best you can. Think of why you posted it originally and build upon that in order to make the content of better quality.
  • Eric Enge Explains Google Manual Penalties – This is less “news” and more “this is useful stuff to know.” In a panel at SMX East entitled, “All Google Manual Penalties Explained,” longtime SEO expert Eric Enge of Stone Temple Consulting not only explained all the manual penalties he’s dealt with, but what to do about them. It’s good stuff.


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