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I don’t even know why I read these SEO news sites anymore. Clearly all the news is coming directly from Twitter, right? I just need to stare at Twitter all day in order to get my news. That’s fine, I’ve got nothing else going on…oh…hi there. I didn’t see you! What? Twitter? Oh, forget that, that’s pie in the sky nonsense, the rantings of a tired old man. Hey, look, something shiny! *jingles keys* News! *runs away*

Google News

  • More Evidence Of “Fred” Algo Update Targeting Quality – While we still have nothing conclusive on the still-unofficially-named “Fred” algorithm update, Jennifer Slegg over at TheSEMPost has a wonderful article going into detail about what she feels are the biggest factors in whether your site has been targeted. Wow, that was a long sentence. Anyway, the evidence she’s been gathering points more and more to low-quality sites being targeted, such as those with low-quality content, lots of ads, weak links. It’s a great read, so go check it out. No, really, go. I’ll wait.
  • Site Command Staying Put – There’s been plenty of speculation going around that the Googs was gonna take away the classic and beloved site: command, especially after a recent poll was sent out to webmasters on the subject. Well, have no fear, Gary Illyes is here! He Tweeted that it’s not being depreciated and that they’d fight for it not to get to that state! Yay!

  • 404s Don’t Affect Site Quality – According to a Tweet (yes, another one) from Google’s John Mueller, 404 error pages are not a signal of low quality in the eyes of Google. That’s nice to know.
  • Hacked Sites Increased Over 30% According To Google In 2016Google recently released its State of Website Security in 2016 report, and on the downside, around 32% more websites were hacked in 2016 than in 2015. Google recommends linking your site with Search Console to get alerts on such hacks, because of course they do. They also reported that, after a hack, 84% of sites that request reconsideration back into Google’s arms are accepted. That’s cool.
  • YouTube Killing Annotations In May – For a really long time, annotations were tools video content creators could use to point users to other sites or videos easily. However, they don’t work on mobile. However, end screens and cards do, so these are now getting over seven times the traffic annotations get, which is why Google is going to remove the functionality in May. That’s fine by me, I never used ‘em anyway. Cards forever!

Other News

  • DMOZ Is DONE – In sad news, one of the web’s oldest and, for a long time, most useful and popular properties, DMOZ (or the Open Directory Project), officially closed late last week. When I began in SEO grumblegrumble years ago, DMOZ was the thing, man. You needed to get your URL in there. It took months, but once you were in, you’d get a nice boost. This was back when more people saw directories as the premiere way to find things on the web. While it’s value has dropped significantly since then, it was still a great part of the web’s history. It’ll be missed…even though I’ve not visited it in ages.


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