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It’s another week of news y’all! The big news this week is the unofficial, unconfirmed, and oddly-unofficially-named “Fred” algorithm update Google might have sort of maybe done a little while back. Apparently it targets black hat folks, so yay? I’m still unsure as of yet, but check this out and more if you want to be informed and such!

Unconfirmed Google Algorithm News

  • Unconfirmed “Fred” Update Sending Shockwaves Through SEO Communities – There’s been a veritable boatload of chatter floating around various SEO communities – especially those of the accursed black hat variety – talking about a new algo update being called the “Fred” update. While we’re not 100% sure what this is targeting as of yet, some are speculating…

  • The Most Recent Unconfirmed Update Might Be Black Hat-Related – Going in a little deeper, chatter amongst black hat communities is soaring about this alleged update, and not in a great way. Rankings for folks using black hat techniques are super bad or super volatile, but as of right now, that’s the only big piece of “evidence” we have in regards to this supposed update. We’ll keep you posted as we find more.

Run-Of-The-Mill Google News

  • HTML Rendering Tool Coming To Search Console – In a recent Google Hangout, Google’s John Mueller said that a fully HTML rendering tool that shows what Google sees when it crawls a site will be coming to Search Console. This is AWESOME, and I can’t wait for it to happen.
  • AMPs Could Be Causing Issues In Analytics – A known bug in Accelerated Mobile Pages (or AMPs) could cause users to be overcounted in Google Analytics. Apparently, SEO consultant Christian Oliveira discovered that one AMP user could be counted as up to four. Also, visits from AMP to regular pages could seen as a new session. Waaackadooo. Something to keep an eye on in your own Analytics, I suppose.

  • Google To Split Hangouts Into Chat & Meet – This is less “news” and more “huh.” Google has never been 100% clear on what it wants in its messaging app strategy. There once was Talk, now there’s Voice, Hangouts, Messenger, Allo, and Duo. Now Google seems to have decided it’s not liking the market share Slack’s been getting, so it’s splitting up Hangouts into Chat (a text-chat thingy like Slack) and Meet (a video/audio meeting thingy). Will this split up work? Only your undertaker will know for sure…

Other News

  • Twitter Lets You Get Rid Of Eggs – Also in the “huh” variety, but interesting since it can affect how folks use social media, Twitter is finally adding new filtering options. You can now, for example, filter out users who don’t have a profile pic (i.e. eggs), mute timelines, and more. They also admitted they’ll try to be better about getting rid of abusive behavior, something Twitter is (sadly) known for, and up until now, seemingly doing little about. This will hopefully make a better experience overall for everyone.


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