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Hey friends, welcome to another smattering of SEO news! We’re in the Summer Slump it seems, as it’s a really slow time for news. I mean…the biggest news this week is out of Yahoo for heaven’s sake. Yahoo. That said, some stuff did happen, so enjoy!

Google News

  • Study: Links Are Important To Google Rankings. In Other News, Sky Blue, Water Remains Wet – This is less in the “news” category and more in the “duuuhhhh” category. A study recently released by Stone Temple Consulting shows that there’s a “near-perfect correlation” between the links pointing to a URL and the rankings of that URL. While some think that links are a commodity declining in value, this report steps and goes “nuh-uh!” So kudos, I suppose…

google links

  • Government Requests For User Information Via Google Jump In The Second Half of 2015 – In Google’s latest transparency report, they state that there were slightly over 40,000 requests for user data in the second half of 2015. This is up over 5,000 requests from the first half of the year. No word on what caused the significant jump in requests.
  • Google Local Adds Time Spent To Local Business Listings – My first thought is, “HOW DO THEY KNOW THIS?” but it’s Google, so, of course they know this. Somehow Google is able to discern how long a person typically spends in a local store in search results featuring local businesses. I suppose the takeaway from this is, if you have a local business, find a way to make your store(s) more engaging and keep users there a bit longer? Maybe?
  • Google Adds Voter Registration Info To Related Queries – This is less “news” and more “well that’s neat.” Google has added information to help users register to vote when they do a voting-related query. You can find specific instructions, deadlines, requirements, and more. That’s pretty cool.

Other News

  • Yahoo Reports Higher Earnings As Possible Sale Looms – I’m not sure where AdvertisingAge is getting its info, but it’s saying that a sale of its core business is imminent, meaning this could be the last earnings call they have as Yahoo. That could also be an attention-grabbing headline (hey, it worked!). Regardless, their revenue was up to $1.31 billion in Q2, up from $1.24 billion in Q1, so yay! Happy sale Yahoo, I hope someone nice buys you.

yahoo sale

  • Twitter Will Verify Anyone Now – You know those little blue symbols Twitter uses for celebrities and big brands to show people they’re verified? Well now ANYONE can get one of those pretty blue symbols. This will be good for folks with smaller brands who want to get that extra bit of credibility, for example, so go ahead and get verified!


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