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Wow guys, a ton of stuff has happened in the last week. Like, a ton. Seriously. Let’s just dive into the good stuff.

Google News

  • Google Takes Hard Line On Mobiles Sites With Intrusive Interstitials – Google has expressed its…displeasure with mobile sites that serve up app interstitials and the like before, but coming soon, they’re taking an even harder tack than before. Starting early next year, Google will stop ranking sites that present such interstitials entirely. This includes popups when first loading the page as well as those when scrolling down the page. As a user, this is just fantastic.
  • Google Dropping Mobile-Friendly Tag From SERPs – A while back Google decided it needed to label which sites were mobile-friendly to make it easier for users to go to the sites that would be easiest for them to use. Now, however, as 85% of sites are mobile-friendly, Google will be removing the tag from the SERPs since now it’s kind of redundant.
  • Keyword Planner Changes Due To…Bots? Really? – A little while back, it was revealed that Google was limiting the data presented in its ubiquitous Keyword Planner tool, but was never fully clear as to why. Recently we heard one reason as to this change: bots. Wait, what? Bots? Apparently, according to a post from Google representative CassieH, “This change was made so that we can consistently give advertisers the data they need to optimize their accounts, while preventing ‘bots’ and other services from abusing the intended use of Keyword Planner.” I wonder what this “abuse” entailed.


  • Report: Not Provided Jumps To 96% Since HSTS Switch – Recently we talked about Google switching Google.com to HSTS, which makes it near-impossible to reach a non-HTTPS version of the search engine. Folks are reporting that since then, their not provided numbers have risen to over 96% of their data. While it’s said we can get more data in Search Console, this is still troubling.

Search Refocusing News

  • Moz To Refocus Efforts On Search, Laying Off 28% Of Its Staff – Moz, which offers SEO folks like us a plethora of tools to diagnose website value and performance – has announced that it’ll be getting rid of the Moz Content or Followerwonk tools and focus entirely on its search offerings. This means a layoff of 28% of their current workforce as well. We hope everyone affected finds new gigs soon.
  • Raven Tools Also Refocusing On Search-Centric Platform – Like Moz, apparently Raven Tools also rediscovered their love of search, and has rereleased a rebuilt, standalone version of their popular Site Auditor tool. This signals a pull back from efforts in other areas such as social and what not, that was, according to their president, part of an “identity crisis” several years ago.

Other News

  • Report: Snapchat To Buy Vurb And Enter The Personalized Mobile Search Market – As we all know, mobile search is the kinda-newish hotness around search right now, as Google especially has been focusing many of its efforts toward an improved mobile search experience. Well, according to sources, chat company Snapchat might buy Vurb, which offers personalized mobile searching via data from different apps and other sources of data. If this does happen, it’ll be interesting to see how Snapchat invades the space.



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