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Google Kids
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Kids’ Internet usage has always been a hotly studied topic. How familiar are children with navigating the Internet? How user-friendly are websites for the young ones? Can kids distinguish the difference between sponsored search results and organic search results? More interestingly how do kids use search engines to discover new information?

The photo from this post comes from a story featured on Digg.com in which two kids made a poster for their dad after his last day working at Google.

Unarguably, Google is the most powerful search engine on the web today, but to young googlers, its simplistic design and lack of visual appeal and interactivity are probably turn-offs. Since it’s very unlikely that young kids are familiar with complex search operands, what tools or methods are available for them to learn how to better refine their search queries?


This is where SortFix.com comes in. SortFix is a metasearch engine that recently began receiving more hype. What’s interesting about SortFix is its drag-and-drop interface, which brings back interactivity and learning at the same time.

After typing in a term from the SortFix home page, the engine breaks down your results and displays “Power Words,” which can be sorted into baskets. The concept is very simple: if the searcher likes a term, add it to the “Add to Search Basket,” if he doesn’t, then add it to the “Remove Basket.” The idea behind this is that refining your search and filtering out words is as quick as clicking and dragging; no additional typing is needed.

How you can benefit from SortFix

Go give SortFix a spin. SortFix makes search fun and somewhat interactive, especially for the young ones. What’s interesting about this is that people unfamiliar with search can start using modifiers and growing into better Googlers searchers. SortFix displays results from Google, Yahoo! and DMOZ, all accessible from separate categories. If Google was a bike, Sortfix would be its training wheels.


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