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Everyone loves cards, right? For birthdays, holidays, and that anniversary you definitely didn’t forget. Well, in case you might not have time to run out for Valentine’s Day cards this year, Wpromote has you covered. Delight your friends, coworkers, important clients, and loved ones with The Lazy Marketer’s Valentine’s Day Card Generator!

This amazing all-in-one e-card machine will take your name and the name of your sweetie boo and input them into a generator. Taking into account just how much you like that person, from head over heels in love to absolutely not at all, the generator gives you a card perfectly suited to your needs. You can even choose whether you want your card to be sweet, funny, naughty, or poetic. Every card is lovingly peppered with the kind of marketing jargon that romantic and business partners alike will love!

Show your love – or your antipathy, if that’s how you roll – this Valentine’s Day by sending The Lazy Marketer’s e-cards to everyone you know!


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