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Is it inevitable?

Don’t say you didn’t see it coming.

Last Friday, the blog world churned out post after post investigating claims that Google is in talks to buy Twitter.

There was quite a bit of finger-pointing going on – whose sources were more legit, who was reporting on derivatives, blah blah blah. I’m less interested in handing out journalism awards and way more excited to discuss just what a Google takeover would mean for Twitter users, marketers included.

For those unfamiliar with Twitter, check out this blog post. If you aren’t sure about what Twitter means to marketers, this should give you an overview.

For Twitter users, addicts, and fans who don’t necessarily tweet but understand its value, I want to know what you think. The idea that Twitter could be controlled by Google is upsetting, to say the least. One of the best things about Twitter is the fact that it feels very open and free (AKA not controlled by a global corporation, like Google). On top of that, the fact that tweeting is so useful and fun makes it feel like I’m getting away with something every time I tweet.

Despite my emotional attachments to Twitter as it stands today, there are folks out there making rational and rather convincing arguments about why it makes sense for Google to acquire the microblogging service, and David Berkowitz, Director of Emerging Media for 360i, is one of them. In an article featured on Advertising Age’s all-things-digital blog, Digital Next, Berkowitz writes:

Despite all the buzz that Twitter gets, it’s still a blip on marketers’ radars right now, and most marketers who are interested in it don’t use it as well as they could for brand monitoring or communicating. That said, a Google acquisition might help Twitter provide more value to marketers (and maybe gain a revenue stream in the process) and would help steer marketers in the right direction with Twitter, as well.

Berkowitz makes a good point. Assuming he is right about Google’s ability to turn Twitter into a transparent tool and squeeze as much marketing juice out of it as possible, maybe a Google acquisition makes sense.

Can Google squeeze $$$ out of Twitter?

On the other hand, part of the Twitter’s mystique is precisely the fact that not everyone knows how to use it…and those who do are doing great things. Moreover, not everyone feels that Google has done a great job with the properties it has acquired in the past (YouTube, Blogger, etc.).

What do you think? Does everything cool have to go mainstream? Is there a way to monetize Twitter without selling ads? Is it possible for Twitter to continue to grow and remain a solo entity? Post your thoughts below.


15 thoughts on “Should Google Buy Twitter??
  1. Jesse says:

    It seems logical for Twitter to be bought by Google for two reasons. First of all, Biz Stone and Evan Williams have a history with Google (sold Blogger to Google). Secondly, Michael Arrington of TechCrunch wrote about this several weeks ago, Twitter should be considered a Search Engine (http://tinyurl.com/bhmyjs). This is what really makes Twitter enticing to Google. Twitter is not yet mainstream. Their registered user numbers are really low compared to other social networking sites (i.e. FB’s 200 million vs. Twitter’s 6 million). A Google acquisition could really push them over the tipping point.

    1. I disagree a Google acquisition is logical simply because Biz Stone and Evan Williams have a relationship with Google. Twitter is valuable for search so Google wants it, but are we assuming Google can do a good job with Twitter? I don’t. I guess it depends on your opinion of Google and what they’ve done with properties they’ve acquired in the past.

  2. ade says:

    Now that I’ve just started enjoying tweeting, Google wants to buy it up! Soon they’ll start setting all sorts of standards for your tweets to be ranked, etc… Then instead of it to be fun, I think it’ll be a burden. I hope Google doesn’t take the fun out of tweeting.

  3. Jesse says:

    *That was a really old number I gave for Twitter users (6 million). According to Compete.com they reached 14 million unique visitors in March.

  4. Alison Quinn says:

    Great blog Amanda! I totally agree that part of what makes Twitter so valuable as a marketing tool is that not everyone knows how best to utilize it. If acquired by Google, I believe the best way to use Twitter will become more widely known and it’ll even the playing field to the point where many marketers will move on to finding the next “Twitter”.

    1. Thanks, Ali! I can’t even fathom the next ‘Twitter,’ but I’m sure it’s coming no matter what.

  5. Christian Vuong says:

    Let’s hope that if they do, the user experience improves!

  6. Kevin says:

    They definitely should buy them, whether they go with Twoogle or Gwitter (great for Wales.. Gwyttyr), everyone wins.

  7. mutuelle says:

    I think that the story with youtube will be with Twitter .Google is always wining such business.And it’s so concious what “Twitter” mean for it as a microbloging platform .

  8. mutuelle says:

    Thank you for this article, good continuation

  9. I like both Twoogle and Gwitter don’t know which one’s better.. 🙂

  10. mutuelle says:

    Personaly, I prefer twitter. Thanks

  11. mutuelle says:

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  13. voip says:

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