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ShirtSpace is the epitome of a challenger. As an intimately sized company, they jumped into the ultra-competitive apparel industry and have had to fight for every inch of ground they’ve gained. ShirtSpace found themselves competing with not only similar companies but also with the brands that they sell on their site.

Jeff and Marlin, the founders of ShirtSpace, are both out-of-the-box thinkers in every sense of the phrase. They teamed up with Wpromote and together formulated an ever-evolving strategy with the aim of unsettling the current pecking order in the apparel industry.

In order to really differentiate themselves from the ‘average joes’ in the industry, ShirtSpace worked on creating an identity for their brand. ShirtSpace wanted to show everyone that when you place an order for a shirt you’re actually getting so much more. To demonstrate this, ShirtSpace ateamed up with some creative souls and created a campaign that showed off ways to “Refashion” a ShirtSpace shirt. This contest was a great way to bring in new traffic to their brand, support a creative initiative, as well as gathering excellent user-generated content!

Their creative campaign worked hand in hand with a technical updates roadmap that allowed ShirtSpace to clean up site issues they had been suffering from in the past due to their custom build. The resounding success that Shirt Space has seen over the past 12 months has been staggering, seeing enormous gains in not only visits to the site but revenue as well.

86% Increase In Organic Visitors

87% Increase In New Users

Jeff and Marlin also decided that it wasn’t enough to just have a successful business: they felt a need to give back. ShirtSpace started their very own charity initiative targeted towards raising money for eight worthy charities. ShirtSpace doesn’t want to just be another faceless company; they want to be the face that makes a difference.

No matter how much ShirtSpace grows this year, one thing is certain; Jeff and Marlin, along with Wpromote, will push to not only challenge the apparel industry but challenge the world to step up and make a difference.


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