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Poor ratings didn’t stop the new Sex and the City movie from bringing in $55.7 million in sales over the weekend’s opening. Women lined up all weekend to see where the past three years have taken the characters of the Sex and the City Series. Ticket sales doubled industry expectations and unexpectedly broke all kinds of records. First weekend ticket sales for SATC hit number one for R-rated comedies and romantic comedies of all time. The movie also set a new record for movies carried by a female lead.

These results were not expected if you browsed the web on Friday morning. New York Times as well as many others gave less than mediocre reviews of the movie. However, I knew these opinions would not stop women everywhere from getting dressed up and drinking Cosmopolitans in celebration of the long awaited Sex and the City movie.

This weekend’s revenue may be due to the number of advertising channels utilized to increase the anticipation over the movie. Advertising for Sex and the City started close to a year ago, including a website dedicated to the movie countdown. Visitors from all over the world (literally) have logged on eagerly awaiting the arrival of the new movie. Although you don’t have to be cruising for movie trailers to be hit with the Sex and the City media craze, all you have to do is turn on the television or possibly be interested in a new car. Even Mercedes is using SATC movie placement to promote the new GLK- Class. They are anticipating a large number of women behind the wheel due to Kim Cattrall’s character, Samantha Jones, driving it in the film.

Although advertising for the movie was close to obscene, I would say that it’s the devotion of women everywhere to Samantha, Charlotte, Miranda and Carrie that brought in these numbers. Regardless of the press, both good and bad, the theaters were sold out and the movie continues to set new standards.


6 thoughts on “SEX and the city SELLS
  1. Jamie says:

    It looks like the huge advertising push paid off! Advertising dollars even went to TV shows where the viewer demographic was predominately under the legal age to see the R rated movie (creating some controversy). I’m pretty sure they would have been successful regardless of the advertising, women just cannot resist.

  2. Mike Stone says:

    To bad they did no search marketing to control their image online and steal the traffic away from the bad reviews. I think few sponsored links would have served them well and help connect the last steps of their massive ad campaign. Oh well, I still wont see this movie.

  3. LA says:

    this was the best movie of the summer, say what! Go Carrie

  4. Mike Stone says:

    actually, since my last comment, I have seen SATC sponsored links showing up. They seem to have a good presence earlier in the day and lose visibility as they hit a budget…which should not happen. I also had a difficult time finding them in the sponsored listings up until the release.

  5. Alison Quinn says:

    Great blog Jess! Sadly I was not one of the many that contributed to SATC’s record breaking opening weekend, but I’ll definitely help them out with making the second weekend just as great!

    We’ve all seen what SATC has done to Manolos, Jimmy Choos and Berkin bags (just to name a few!), so Mercedes may not be too far off in assuming that this movie will spark a rise in women driving the new GLK- Class.

  6. holly says:

    I finally get to see it on Friday! I really missed the boat on this one.

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