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If we were to assign a theme to Search Engine Strategies in San Jose, it was quality over quantity. Although there was a 50% decline in attendees, the Wpromote crew got to meet many up-and-coming online businesses looking to take advantage of search marketing . ses2Our main purpose for this show was to meet firms just like this and let them learn about our approach towards search. Before I begin to write about the event, we would like to thank all the firms and individuals that stopped by our booth to inquire for information, and for those who won our fortune cookie prize (we hope you weren’t behind the wheel minutes later).

Going into its 11th year, SES San Jose featured over 150 speakers on topics such as SEO, link building strategies, PPC management, local marketing, mobile marketing, and social media optimization. With over 100 companies, SES San Jose provided a pleat of information for many online marketers and online businesses. Despite the economic downturn and a decrease in attendees, reading blogs or websites that talk about search marketing would not have cut it this time around.ses3 All the companies that stopped by the Wpromote booth received an onsite audit of their website. Our team showed all the firms what improvements could be made and how Wpromote could help them boost their presence online.

The biggest buzz at SES San Jose seemed to be about social media optimization. Everyone was curious to know whether social media would produce qualitative links and help them rank organically, which it can, although we see the one to one interaction channel as a more valuable asset than links. Most of the people and companies that stopped by our booth were curious to hear our approach towards an integrated SEO and social media campaign and our main message was to “prepare for the future of search and make sure to tap into the social channels because they will take you wherever search goes.”

All in all, ses4Wpromote was able to educate all those who stopped by our booth about the importance of SEO, PPC, social media, and customized analytics. Search marketing is starting become more and more mature and so is Wpromote.

Despite not having the option of attending the Google-hosted dance offered last year, Wpromote was still able to find its groove. Tuesday night was filled with appetizers, GoogleTini’s, Joe’s restaurant on San Carlos street, and an Alice and Wonderland nightclub. Some memorable moments from the night include Michael Stone shooting laser beams at us whenever he had the chance, Michael Wilde’s Scottish dance (a must see), and Gabriel Peralta’s snoring when we got back to the room for bed, which literally hurt my soul the next day. Overall the night was amazing, we got to hang out with our Yahoo account representatives and make new friends with all the companies that attended the tradeshow. Wpromote’s next appearance is at ad:tech Chicago. Come by Booth #34 and say hello Sept 1 & 2 at the wonderful Navy Pier!



4 thoughts on “SES San Jose Recap
  1. Holly says:

    The Yahoo representative i think you’re referring to is Mike Aragon. Coolest guy ever! Sounds like you guys were very productive at the conference. Keep up the great work!

  2. Jessica says:

    I love Googletinis!!!! Nice Emin 🙂

  3. Mike says:

    By far the most fun I’ve had at a conference to date. It was great hanging out with you folks in San Jose, thanks for the good times!

  4. I’m loving that picture of Michael Aragon. What a great guy. I don’t know how we would be able to be as involved with Yahoo if it weren’t for him. Best rep ever.

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