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In late 2010 and recent 2011 months, I attended several conferences and created some internal presentations for employees here at Wpromote Inc. These are highlights from what I felt was important to share with the world to learn from. It also may help answer some of our current and future clients questions about what is important. A lot of this is NOT SEO, but common sense. Doing everything will increase your overall presence on the web, so I consider it part of the job to include things like Social Media Profile Management.

Smarter Ways to Use:

facebook twitter linkedin


Although many people have accounts, not so many people realize just how powerful LinkedIn can be to your search marketing business.

Aaron Kronis Linkedin Example

If you complete your full profile you find that you can actually add 3 links that will benefit the sites you link to with the anchor text.

Trick: Be sure to choose to edit your website with the ‘other’ selection choice and create custom links with keywords in the anchor text.

(otherwise it will just read ‘My Company’ and no one is targeting ‘My Company’!)

Other LinkedIn Tips:

Personal: Highlight Ways To Showcase Your Work.
For Example, as an SEO Expert:
1. I want to show how my approach to SEO is unique
2. List some impacting accomplishments / results for real clients.
3. Somehow show by example (blogs?) my passion for my work.

Business: Create Business Profiles for Clients

  • Encourage staff of company to complete full profiles
  • Build a solid company profile
  • Create several groups linking current employees with past employees and clients

Tips for Helping Clients use LinkedIn:

  • Figuring Out Relationships With Existing Contacts
  • Use:  linkedin.com/updates

linkedin updates example

  • This feature allows you to see the stream and connection updates / actions and analyze them
  • Creating events and utilizing ‘Invitations’ on LinkedIn can help you RSVP events.
  • Research: Use LinkedIn to research other successful companies in your niche on LinkedIn (e.g.   use:  linkedin.com/signal)
  • Feature shows all tweets from all connections
  • Filter by Location / Time / Industry – Drill down deep

Check Boxes to Filter…                                              Filtered Results:

linkedin filter signals linkedin updates

When used in a smart way, LinkedIn can be a very powerful tool for determining audience demographics based on activities of connections. So build out your LinkedIn profiles today!

Stay tuned for Part two of supporting SMO with SEO, which will cover smarter ways to use Twitter.


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