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Ever want to be a superhero? Come on, everybody wanted to fly like Superman, swing from spider webs like Spiderman, or at least have superhuman abilities like Robo Cop at one point or another. She-Ra, princess of power, and Wonder Woman top my list of female super heroines. She-Ra would have taken my number one spot with her healing touch, ability to talk to animals, and great looks, BUT – she’s missing the ability to fly, and that’s sort of a superhero necessity!

Whether you wanted to be a superhero or just a character with superhuman powers, it all probably seemed a little far-fetched after reaching the age of about 10 years old; however, there are some dreamers out there who dare to keep dreaming. For all those visionaries refusing to give up the dream of having superhuman powers, here’s some good news for you! It looks like the U.S. Army may have found the technology leaders to make it possible for you to have those superhuman capabilities.

Apparently the Army and Sarcos, a “research and development leader in designing and building advanced robotic systems,” are teaming up to create what seems to be their very own Iron Man “exoskeleton.” This metal suit is composed of aluminum and electronics and appears to function a little like the comic book superhero Iron Man, allowing humans to expand their physical capabilities. This metal “exoskeleton” multiplies one’s strength and endurance up to 20 times! Intended for use by Army soldiers, this robotic suit will be focused on loading cargo and repairing heavy equipment for now, and perhaps for combat purposes sometime in the future.

Unfortunately, there are few minor setbacks for this human-enhancing “exoskeleton.” Money always seems to be the barrier to overcome, as technology like this does not come cheap. Currently, in the developmental stages of this metal suit, Sarcos’ two-year contract is worth up to $10 million. The suit has yet to display any practicality, and its purported value won’t be realized until the suits can be built in mass for military as well as commercial purposes. Power is also an issue; the battery only operates the suit for about 30 minutes – pretty disappointing. Worst of all, this suit doesn’t give people the ability to “fly” or be propelled by rocket thrusters, which is, in my opinion, the one true necessity of a superhero!  Nice try Sarcos, but I’ll keep dreaming!


3 thoughts on “Real Superheroes Fly!
  1. Jessica Como says:

    I wanted to be spider woman, I think she had the hottest costume. My mom made me a costume when I was a kid but it lacked rocket thrusters. Man, Halloween is going to be so much more fun for kids in 2030.

  2. bob says:

    can you tell me all the super heros on there

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