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Summer is 82 days away, which is all the time you will need to get ready for swimsuit season. Whether you are into running, biking, swimming or just hitting the gym, there is an app, website or service that can be tailored to get you in shape. Current fitness technologies can generate empowerment and excitement with participants by presenting prudent information regarding their improvements, and the ability to share or compete with people around the world.  Sometimes the best motivator to stay healthy is competition or camaraderie, and that is what many of these new tools provide in their online community of fitness enthusiasts.  In this quick blog I will challenge every possible excuse for getting in shape by providing a service that practically does everything for you but move your feet.

Let’s start with a practical and free service that Adidas is offering right now, MiCoach.  This program’s website has an easy to use interface, which allows users to browse different exercises and plan their weekly workouts.  The MiCoach app for iPhones comes with GPS tracking so a virtual coach can communicate your progress through a workout.  For additional tools to help your work out go to this website and browse the other tools MiCoach offers.

Another component of staying healthy is eating right, and with these apps you will be able to organize your grocery shopping, keep track of what you have at home, and recipes applicable to your groceries.  Grocery IQ is a very involved app that allows users to keep track of the groceries they already bought, browse through coupons at their favorite store, post lists to family members, scan items, and much more.  There is also an app called Diet2Go which does many of the same functions as Grocery IQ, but also suggests dishes that users can create with the items they are buying, or create a grocery list based on the type of diet users are pursuing.

If logging into your computer at home, creating a grocery list, and maintaining your diet on your phone is not your cup of tea, then leave it up to the pros at Zen Foods.  This company will count the calories for you while they create tasty dishes, which are based on whatever diet or lifestyle you are desire.  Their menu consists of strawberry pancakes with ricotta cream, Filet Mignon, carrot cake and many other customizable dishes.  Before you start deciding what you want off their menu though please consider their prices.  Because these dishes are individually created and then delivered to your house, a day’s worth of food will run you $45 dollars.  If I made as much money as Zach Efron this is exactly how I would keep trim.

In conclusion, here are some additional apps and sites that will keep you on track for a six pack.   Meal Snap claims to be able to count calories by examining a picture users take of food.  So if you are in the middle of posting your food photo online, and you are curious how many calories are on that brag worthy plate, fire up Meal Snap to reveal additional nutritional facts.  Fitsync is a great resource for new work outs and advice that typically would come from expensive personal trainers.  Lastly my favorite running app is Runstar.  It has a clean interface and does a great job on keeping track of your pace through GPS.  Runstar allows users to listen to music, while tracking their pace through a predetermined route, race against their previous attempts at the same route, and then is able to post their results online.

There you go, those are all the tool you need to get healthy in 3 months.  Ready, set, go get in shape!


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  1. John Vantine says:

    I’ve never tried any of the meal management/calorie tracker apps, but I’ve been using Nike+ for years, and just recently started using Nike+GPS on the iPhone, which is pretty cool. Definitely worth checking out if you’re a runner and data junkie like myself.

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