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PubCon 2010 is on right now!

Instead of “They Put A Man On The Moon”, according to Google’s nerd hero and someone I enjoy talking to and listening to at events such as Pubcon, Matt Cutts, their Head of Spam team.

So far its going great, lots of awesome people to connect with and a strong Wpromote crew with @Mariasass, @w00t @ @hannegan.

The Need For Instant Gratification has changed us drastically more than we realize.

There have been some interesting things already discussed after only one day!

David Pogue gave a fantastic and inspiring Keynote, where some of the focus was around just how much things have really changed in a short time. For example, people have literally (because of the need for instant gratification) stopped using VOICEMAIL and EMAIl and just use text messages or tweets most of the time.


If you see a missed call, you have no reason for listening to the voicemail, just read the txt or call back or txt / tweet them to ask what they want.

Some Reputation Management updates:

Rhea Drysdale from Outspoken Media discussed how it can take about FOUR YEARS to recover brand after a serious crisis. Hmm, just think about Toyata and the runaway prius’s and all the recalls…its not been four years, but they’re working on it! Todd Friesen also gave some great feedback on this topic.

The thing is that most people don’t care about Reputation Management until there is a major problem and it is too late. Proactive Reputation Management is key to being ready for when things happen to your  brand online.

Some more questions to ask yourself about your company’s Online Reputation Management

  • is risk management a priority for your business?
  • have brand threats and weaknesses been identified?
  • Is there a risk managemnt system in place?
  • What are the new risks that could be on the horizon?

When universal search was released in 2007..

– news, image, videos, products, changed the face of the SERPS forever. Now you need to have more pieces in the puzzle to compete and stay afloat. Here’s an earlier (May ’09)  blog post by Lisa Barone about Creating your Social Media plan…
Create Your Social Media Plan

To read the rest go here: or click the image above…http://outspokenmedia.com/lfkd

…and another note, we all pretty much agree to TURN OFF GOOGLE INSTANT.

Andy Beal Gave us this interesting tidbit – Trackur


(Use this link to get the pdf) gri.ms/KUVW

Some more from the Panel,

You should use more than just Google alerts and set it up to happen AS IT HAPPENS rather than once a day … as it happens is better for email alerts or rss feeds. The problem is that this is confined to Google. Here are a few other places to search:

  • Icerocket.com….
  • Keotag.com
  • Netvibes.. allows you to create a customized homepage.
    A) Take those rss feeds and put them into netvibes for a dashboard you can check on.
    B) It is smart phone friendly.
    C) Formatted different for your phone.

You need a Social Media Policy:

For Example, Regarding The New(ish) Facebook Groups:

If people in your company are in Facebook groups….e.g. president of a university is in there, technically this can be considered ‘a meeting’.

Legality plays a big roll here. Always make sure you work WITH the lawyers, don’t let them dictate everything solely based on their own interpretation of how things should work online.

It was stressed again: DONT LET Lawyers do it themselves. Realizing the lawyers can give you SOME good advice… invite them in a limited basis.

Some new strategies (From Andy Beal)

  • It only works for blatantly false stuff, otherwise if it is legit.. then that strategy doesn’t work and you need to displace it. Some recommend that you can join his program for $2K but everyone agreed ‘not to feed the beast’.

Andy: No one ever talks about all of the out of court settlements that happen with Ripoff Report.

  • When they feel they won’t win, they settle.
  • If you can prove its defamation, don’t go after them,  go after the person who made the complaint.
  • If anonymous file a john doe complaint…
  • Can get a court order to remove it from index (1000s/month they won’t fight it).
  • When it says has been removed…. that’s result of a court order
  • If #1 its a good thing. This Tells us that you haven’t created enough relevant content.. it should be at at least 1 or 4 …meaning that there is still a lot of opportunity to push it down.

Content marketing, pushing things out…there was this suggestion of some blackhat: buying “good links” to throw to sites that aren’t your own (technically not against Google terms of service)

  • I don’t recommend ever worrying about linking to competitors with paid links. Spend your money on better content for your own site. Don’t worry about the other sites or trying to do anything malicious.

How to move incoming emails to be online as a review……

on phone with customer telling them to review…

  • Instead use a review portal…

e.g. citysearch does well in google.. So, sites can push people to go to citysearch…However this violates the terms of service.

  • *BUT nothing that says you can’t encourage customers to give a good review…
  • Yelp DOESN’T like it but they can’t do anything.
  • WALK your sales team through the process of doing yelp reviews, etc…
  • Google has a patent coming out…but its always better to have a bunch of reviews….then nothing.
  • To use ‘anonymous locations’ to post reviews: xerobank.com – 30$ per month will hide wherever you are going.

We wish to thank Social Rewards (who are a loyalty marketing company) and @JosephMorin for once again making things happen in Vegas and especially @Brett Tabke and his awesome team for running a tight ship.


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