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When you’re writing for your livelihood, sometimes you just gotta produce. You don’t necessarily have the luxury of lingering over a single sentence for hours until you get it just right; your employers are expecting something by the deadline, and you need to make it. Here are a few tips for producing good work on time.

Set a Time and Stick To It

Writing is your job. Jobs have schedules. They have hours. Now, if you’re writing from home you can set your own hours, but you absolutely do need to abide by a schedule. Now, I like to wake up early and write as the sun comes up. That’s my thing, and it works for me. What’s important is that you get into a groove – and sitting down in front of the computer at a set time each day helps get your mind into writing mode.

Get Something Down

Now that you have a schedule set up, don’t dawdle in front of an empty screen for hours. Don’t obsess over and overanalyze everything. Yeah, your writing has to be good, but it also has to be visible and present! Start writing. Just get anything down on the page, even if it’s a stream of consciousness rant better suited for a teen ‘s blog. It’s all about getting those fingers loose for when the real writing starts to flow.

Change Your Environment

If sitting in your office just isn’t working, grab your laptop and head elsewhere. Go sit in a park, find a coffee shop, or lie down on the couch with the computer on your stomach. The change of scenery can really help the writing process. I find that if my writing is getting stale and progress is slowing, I’ll head to a café or a bookstore – just to clear my head and put myself in a different environment – and I can usually bang out some good work and get everything going again.


4 thoughts on “Productivity Tips For Working Writers
  1. Fitzgerald says:

    Hmm…..so you’re saying if I become a writer, or somehow take on writing projects at my current job, it’s justifiable that I don’t have to work from the office from time to time…..now that’s the type of advice I like to receive.

  2. Ahmed says:

    Nice post Erik. Always learning from your suggestions 🙂

  3. marcyzuendel says:

    Great suggestions… setting a time and sticking to it is key!

  4. kmoth says:

    All of these are excellent pointers for working writers. I have to say that for me the best suggestion is changing your environment. Even just working in a coffee shop can change the scenery enough and help rejuvenate you for more productive writing.

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