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If you want to make a difference in a very close race for governor this year today is the deadline to register to vote. This blog is anything but political, but I do want to point out the increased efforts towards PPC spending that candidates across the country are currently involved in.  Right now Oregon, California, Florida, Massachusetts, and many other states are witnessing campaigns for governor that will possibly be decided by a difference of less than 10% of their populations.  This blog will be examining the current PPC strategies of gubernatorial campaigns across the country and show you how to stand out just as effectively as 100 million dollar campaigns.

screen-shot-2010-10-19-at-83240-am1Right now, if you search each of these candidates, from the gubernatorial campaigns of Oregon, California and Massachusetts, you will see sponsored links, which have to be purchased per click in order to stay at the top of a search engine’s results.  There are also organically high results for each of these candidates, which typically would require an extensive amount of SEO work to achieve such consistent results.  While each candidate strives to be number one on their own pages, they are also making efforts to reach the top of their counter part’s pages in order to communicate with all potential voters.  Because of the wide variety of topics that each candidate will want to qualify for they will need to engage in a PPC campaign that encompasses hundreds, maybe thousands of popular terms.

obamaLet’s say that you want to run for governor of California but you do not have thousands of dollars to spend on Google Ad Words each day.  This is fine, as long as you have a Google AdWords account and follow these next PPC tips.

Each of these insights will require you to be an engaged client of AdWords because of the constantly changing algorithms that Google utilizes for its search functionality, and because of the large variable that your competition provides.  The first tactic to keep in mind is budgeting your costs-per-phrase to mirror the increased volume of your search terms.  You are going to want to pick a wide variety of terms, so when one or two phrases become more popular than the others, more money should be allocated to foster their growth.  Secondly, always keep an eye on the bids of your competitors.  If you can stay on top of Google’s search without spending large amounts of money take advantage of the opportunity.

I am all out of room for the last two tips, but if you would like to learn more PPC objectives from the pros that taught me, follow this link, or come back next week for a quick wrap up.

Leave any tips you have for optimizing your PPC campaign in a comment below.



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