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As a marketer, different clients can present different challenges and require special strategies. We work with a number of apartment communities to help them bring in new residents, but sometimes it can be hard to target a local customer if you are working in a location across the country. Here are a few research and campaign building tips that I use to get started on building an apartment campaign.

Become Familiar with the Surrounding Community:

By becoming familiar with the surrounding community, I have better insights into what the area’s local customers are looking for. I take the time to think like my customer and ask myself these questions:

  • What would make me want to move to this city?
  • What are things that would attract me to this neighborhood or city?
  • What is most convenient about this location?

These simple question help determine which keywords will attract the most qualified leads.

Research BEFORE You Build:

It is important to research before you build a campaign because it acts as a foundation to your overall campaign. I can better understand who my ads are aimed at, what amenities and features to include in my ad copy based on my research. The following are a few things I research before building a PPC campaign for my apartment clients.

  • Sustainable Companies/Corporations: I start by searching for large companies that are providing jobs for the surrounding metro area. People want to live where it is most convenient to commute to work.  For example, I make sure to highlight if the apartment community has a metro station close by, or a bus stop that leads into the main business center. These features can sometimes have more decision weight than a walk-in closet.
  • Universities: I search for universities within the targeted city. This could bring people from all over the country searching for an apartment that is near the local college or university. College students would most likely search for features and amenities such as furnished apartments, free Wi-Fi, university transportation, fitness centers and other sport/outdoor activity areas.
  • Search for City Official Website: By looking at the city’s official site, I am aware of what types of events are happening within the city and where the main shopping districts are.
  • Demographics: I do a quick demographics search for the city I am looking to target, so I can better understand what type of people the ads are targeting. Is this a college town? Does this city have many retirement options?  This valuable information can help narrow down what type of features or amenities I need to advertise in my ad copy.
  • Competition: I always take a quick look at other apartment complexes in the area. This competitive analysis helps me better understand the scope and nature of the market that the apartment complex is in. Competitive tactics can be formed so the apartment performs well within the market. What are the competitors advertising for? What sets my apartment complex apart from others? Will competitors be using similar keywords? These are questions that will help determine which strengths to highlight in the ad copy, while also helping me stay current within the apartment industry.

Target a Local Community When You Are Miles Away:

  • Geo-target Your Keywords: After I have decided which cities, neighborhoods and areas I want to target, I geo-target the chosen keywords. This ensures that I am bringing in the qualified traffic that is necessary to see a quantifiable return on investment.
  • Utilize Location Targeting: I try to utilize the location settings within Ad Words to directly target customers I want. With this setting, I can choose to target an audience by state, city, or even as granular as a 30 mile radius.

Research, careful keyword selection, and thoughtful ad copy are what set the foundations for my top performing campaigns. These are quick and easy research/build tips that assist me in putting my best foot forward for new apartment campaigns.


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