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My apologies for failing to post last week; I was celebrating my first anniversary with my lovely wife in beautiful Chicago. I had an amazing time but I think I need a new belt after dining at the Windy City’s most delicious eateries!

This was a bit of a slow week in the pay-per-click management field but there are still some fun news items to go over.


  • ComScoreThe new ComScore numbers are out for July and, just in case you were wondering, Google is still king of the castle. Google sites still make up over two thirds of US searches at a 67.0% share, up 0.3% from June. The Bing/Yahoo co-op comes in second with a combined 29.2% of the market. The remaining 3.8% is rounded out by Ask, AOL, and a bunch of other remnants from the 1990s that you probably didn’t know were still in business.
  • So how is Google maintaining such dominance in the space? Perhaps it’s because they never stop innovating. Recently, Google began rolling out more of their “Google Now” features into the search engine results pages (SERPs). It’s a little bit complicated but Google is trying to harness what it knows about you–you’ll have to be logged in to your Google account–along with what it knows about everything else in order to answer your simple questions more immediately and accurately. Think Siri, only less annoying and flat-out better.
  • Speaking of algorithm changes, Facebook has decided to do away with EdgeRank. There will still be a governing algorithm that shows Facebook users both posts from friends and ads from companies, however, it will be a little bit more transparent and a little bit more boringly named. Goodbye EdgeRank, hello News Feed Algorithm. There are a lot of details that I encourage you to read about but the main takeaway is that brands will be rewarded for customer engagement. It’s not just about getting likes; you’ll need people to comment, ask questions, respond, and interact in order to get your posts and ads in front of your audience.
  • Now that you’ve learned so much about Google and Facebook, you’re probably excited to start working there, right? Well, don’t get your hopes up. Finding employment at Google and Facebook remains incredibly difficult and competitive. Google was ranked the 8th toughest job to get and Facebook came in at 22nd. So, if you’re looking for a position at one of these search giants, start studying up now. By the time they have an opening for you, you can probably take the Hyperloop to work!

Thanks for checking in and my apologies for the delay. Come back next week for more PPC news!


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