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And we’re back! The PPC train chugs on. This week in PPC management, we’ll go over some best practices, cover some new ground, and even expose a scandal! I can’t wait, so let’s not wait and get right to it:



  • When most people think about ads in search, they think about AdWords, and rightfully so. For the most part, your search advertising campaign need go no further than investing in AdWords and Bing Ads. For those brands with deep pockets and a wide reach, though, Google gives some great advice for DoubleClick for search during the back to school season. If you’re a retailer looking to make a big splash this fall, then some of the solutions mentioned may be for you!marissa mayer
  • We haven’t said the name “Yahoo” on this blog in a while but, believe it or not, they’re back in the news. And it’s for something positive! Let’s not forget that while Google steadily took over the search space to the point that Yahoo abandoned it for Bing’s engine, Yahoo still was a mammoth destination portal. Recently, Yahoo actually eclipsed Google in terms of US traffic, thanks mostly to its reemergence as a content site. Way to go Yahoo! Of course, Marissa Mayer will get all the credit but we know that everyone over there is working hard (but not from home!).
  • This shouldn’t cause anyone to think that Google’s empire is shrinking or small, though. On the contrary, Google’s reach is still enormous. Last week, Google had a brief outage that affected nearly all of its sites. This outage reportedly brought down about 40% of the Internet for a short period of time. So, even if you prefer Bing, loathe Gmail, and can’t stand Google+, it’s almost certain you’re more reliant on Google, in one way or another, than you thought!
  • Unfortunately for us, we’re extremely dependent on a company that no longer professes the mantra: “don’t be evil.” In a report that has been labeled GoogleGate, one misguided AdWords rep was caught leaving a less than flattering voicemail on a customer’s voicemail. In it, he not only disrespected the customer but also let it slip that *GASP* Google is mostly just interested in your money! Of course, this was more about one foolish rep than a company-wide conspiracy, so it’s probably okay to put down your torch and pitchfork.


Wasn’t this a particularly juicy plethora this week? What I can’t understand, though, is why all scandals are now “gates.” The Watergate scandal wasn’t a scandal about tainted drinking water; it was about a hotel called the “Watergate.” Nowadays, “gate” just means scandal. Well, before I turn into Mickey Rooney, I want to thank you for checking in. For more pay-per-click service information, please stop by next week.


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