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So you’re running ads on Google Shopping…that’s great! And what are you doing to gear up for the holidays? Oh, you’ve made some bid adjustments, that’s a start…and anything else?


If this conversation ends here, then keep reading. If not, just keep reading anyway!


Google Shopping is one of the most profitable channels for Ecommerce companies, but after a shopping campaign is up and running, many are left with the question, “Is there anything else?”



Well, there is! So gather around and I will tell you a tale about datafeed optimization

Optimizing your datafeed boils down to two things:

1. Making sure the content of your datafeed is relevant to keywords consumers are searching.

2. Structuring the datafeed in such a way to create an optimal bidding structure for your PPC Manager.


Any PPC manager will agree that even if a Google Shopping campaign is doing well or poorly, when changes can’t be made to a datafeed, you’re limiting the opportunity to succeed. I like to compare it to a hand at poker where everyone else is dealt five cards and you’re dealt 3. Yeah, you’re going to win some hands, but you’re not going far if the best hand you can play is a 3 of a kind.


In our recent  white paper, we give a little insight into the additional opportunities that exist when you optimize your datafeed. Under our feed management, we can ensure that you are playing your best hand. We may even give you a couple aces up your sleeve.


Find out what you can do to take your Google Shopping campaigns to the next level this holiday and contact us if you have any questions!


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