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Finally, marketers and brands have true analytics data to evaluate their Pinterest accounts. Before this update, the analytics were still decent, but now there are some very cool new features that we wanted to break down. The analytics have three main sections: Your Pinterest Profile, Your Audience, and Activity from Your Website. Each of these main areas has subsections that break down the data even further. We’ve put together our analysis of what each of these new sections mean.


Your Pinterest Profile – How your pins are doing on your Pinterest profile. This is the most familiar section, and includes the following data:

  • Impressions – Number of times a Pin from your profile has appeared on any feed.
  • Repins – Number of times someone added your Pin to one of their own boards.
  • Clicks – Number of clicks and unique visits back to your website from Pins.
  • All-Time – This section gives you insight on your all-time most repinned Pins, best ranking in search Pins, and power Pins (Pins with a high mix of Repins, clicks, and more).


Your Audience – This section gives you an idea of the type people who interact with Pins from your profile and website.

  • Average Monthly Views/Engaged – Number of times your Pins were viewed and engaged with on average.
  • Demographics – Insight into those who did engage, including what country/city they’re from, their gender, and what language they speak.
  • Interest – Insight to other things audiences enjoys. Includes ‘Boards’ and ‘Businesses’, where ‘Boards’ means Pinterest boards that include many of your Pins and ‘Businesses’ are other businesses your audience follows.


Activity From Wpromote – This includes similar data from the first section, but also from all original Pins coming from your website. Activity from your website includes: Impressions, Repins, Clicks, Original Pins, All-Time, and the Pin It Button. Some metrics are similar to those in “Your Pinterest Profile” so let’s jump past them.

  • Original Pins – This includes anytime someone was browsing your website and found something they liked and decided to Pin it to a board.
  • Pin It Button – Shows how the Pin it Button has made pinning better for your site, if you have it. It includes two graphs: the first shows the number of impressions your pages with the Pin it Button got in a specific timeframe. The second graph shows how many impressions Pins created from your website received, how many times those Pins were repinned, and how many times those Repins lead to clicks back to your website.


Along with these analytics, almost all of the sections include the ability to select date ranges and a dropdown to filter by device. There are some interesting insights to be taken from this new data. Which one will be your favorite? Send us a Tweet or leave a comment to let us know. If any of this doesn’t make sense or if you need tips to implement any of these analytics, check out the new and improved Pinterest Help Center.


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