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With more than 38 million boards dedicated to weddings on Pinterest, it’s no surprise that the savvy social channel has become a game-changer when it comes to couples preparing to say “I do.” Functioning as a virtual pin board — a digital center of inspiration, if you will — for individuals to share, categorize and store wedding ideas, Pinterest is the perfect planning platform to help bring dream weddings to life. And with search capabilities more advanced and customized than any other social platform, Pinterest provides ample reach and ingenuity, allowing brides and grooms to plan every detail of their reception and ceremony in the space — then hopefully bring it to life.

If a hotel wants to truly thrive in the wedding industry, starting a Pinterest account is crucial to position itself as part of the dream and reality.

The social media experts here at Standing Dog have compiled this shareable, pin-worthy graphic to help get hotels started on the path to saying, “til death do us part” on Pinterest:



For information on starting or enhancing a Pinterest strategy, reach out to our social team today. Don’t forget to pin this post to your Pinterest board!


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