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So if you are anything like me, you are neurotic about your Paid Search campaigns and all metrics associated with the account performance of your search campaign. I need to know all relevant data at all times. Not only do I find that I am searching user footprints on my site, I am curious as to all possible search strings that generate visits and most importantly, the terms that lead to conversions.  Lately, I am encountering increasingly more users who are obsessed with their search data like me, save one big difference; they are not tracking phone calls.

I find this to be a very interesting trend. The constant evolution of the Paid Search market has created the need for a much savvier advertiser.  Users have a stronger need to carefully watch analytics, conversions, and other metrics in order to maximize on the effectiveness of their campaigns.  On a daily basis I talk to these types of individuals who are obsessed with metrics, yet when I ask about cost per call tracking, they all draw a blank. Tracking calls to keywords is a crucial step in maximizing the value in any search campaign.  Phone calls can often be much more valuable than the lead form conversions and for a number of online marketers, make up a significant portion of total sales. At Wpromote, tracking both online as well as phone conversions is absolutely key to evaluating the performance of a campaign, and we have built this functionality into our search marketing platform.

I find it rather alarming that advertisers who are obsessed with analytics and keyword metrics, flat out ignore major factors in the success of their advertising.   By tracking all calls back to the individual keyword search and monitoring call quality, one can vastly increase the efficiency in any Paid Search campaign.


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