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The Latest News In Paid Search: May 8

Anisa Anorve

Bing Ads Is Now Microsoft Advertising

Bing Ads has officially rebranded as Microsoft Advertising. On April 29, 2019, the company announced in an official statement:

“With data, AI and automation at your fingertips, it’s no longer just reaching more people that matters to growing your brand. It’s about making each connection feel one-to-one, at just the right time and place. More meaningful, more timely, and more valuable — this is how we see advertising evolving.”

Microsoft will be introducing more advertising products with built-in AI that will be connected to your data and business, such as the Microsoft Audience Network and Sponsored Products.

Below are the name changes you can expect to see:

  • Bings Ads is now Microsoft Advertising
  • Bing Audiences is now Microsoft Audience Network
  • Bing Partner Program is now Microsoft Advertising Partner Program

What You Can Expect From Microsoft’s New Audience Network & Sponsored Products?

Microsoft’s audience network uses a plethora of features such as AI, rich audience intent, and profile understanding to help marketers reach consumers in what they call “brand-safe environments.”

Microsoft’s new sponsored products feature will enable manufacturers to boost visibility and drive more traffic to their top products in shopping campaigns.

You can expect to see new product enhancements become available to the UK and Canada later this summer, such as:

  • Viewable impressions
  • Image upload
  • Management tool updates
  • Expansion of audience campaigns

In order to join this beta you would need to complete the Sponsored Products beta form.

Export Data To Google Sheets

On May 2nd, 2019, Google released a new feature for all Google Sheets users allowing them the ability to download data from Google Ads straight into a Google Sheet. 

Google Sheets export tool

Google Finalizes Keyword Planner Updates

Google recently unveiled its new keyword planner with the purpose of making it easier for its users to navigate the UI and access easily digestible results. This new version of the keyword planner allows users to:

  • Download trend data for individual keywords
  • Use up to 10 seeds terms at a time
  • Get more granular competition ranking across keyword ideas
  • Save keyword ideas to existing campaigns
  • Get daily suggestions in the plan overview
  • Find the in-account status for uploaded keywords
  • View forecasts for all languages

Check out the Google Ads Help article for more.

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