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Free time is hard to come by these days, so getting a chance to shop or find a great deal is something that can only happen on my lunch break. Lately though, a few new websites have made shopping online and finding a wide variety of deals more convenient even if you only have a minute.  In this blog I will be connecting you with the easiest way to save money and the most interesting ways to find the hottest new trends, before they even get off the runway.


Chances are you are logged into Facebook as you are reading this, and throughout the day Facebook will consume a considerably large amount of your bandwidth.  Companies are more than aware of this, they are taking advantage of the fact that a large majority of their potential clientele is all grouped together in one area.  While you are checking out fan pages for the NBA, UFC, or other various companies you can also purchase clothing and memorabilia through shopping carts integrated into Facebook.

YouTube is teaming up with companies to provide unique shopping experiences for customers.  Last week French Connection launched YouTique, which gives users a personal stylist at only the cost of a click.  Once the well-informed British stylist has walked interactive customers through French Connection’s newest releases links are provided for each article of clothing.


The Burberry Spring / Summer 2011 fashion show presented customers with an innovative way to shop for their new favorite pieces for the upcoming seasons.  As models for the show walked down the runway for the first time clientele around the world were able to submit orders live with an iPad application.  Because this technical tactic was able to appeal to customers and create a buzz about the Burberry brand I do not see any reason why this practical fashion show will not become more common in the future.


I have to give a shout out to a new website because last week I was strapped for cash, and this company made finding deals with stores that I frequent easier than I thought possible.  Coupon Pal carries coupons for every store from Ace Hardware to Zales Diamond store, and always features deals that are relevant for the season.  If you want to save a ton of time and money Coupon Pal is a coupon aggregator of amazing deals.


Also, because I want to keep my readers up to date with every cool site out there, check out I-Ella for great new ways to save a dollar or make a difference.  If you know someone who already has access to Gilt I highly recommend it for the deals and their insight for tomorrow’s trends.  If you don’t have a buddy on the inside let me know, I’ll get you an invite.  Finally I am going to point out a classic that recently received a face-lift, Nordstroms.  I have to compliment them on their efforts to reach out to customers with the “Conversation” addition, and the ease at which the site can be navigated.

Let me know if I missed any sites out there that make finding a deal extremely easy.


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Internet News

Viral Video Friday!

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