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Likely you have heard about Microsoft’s bid for Yahoo by now…


It was announced on Friday, February 1st to a slew of commentary.

While I lack any new insight on the pending merger, I do find this hilarious.

Is Google really suggesting that a Microsoft/Yahoo merger would compromise the open nature of the Internet? I agree that Microsoft screwed the PC market. I’m both a MAC and PC user and I am currently looking to purchase a new home PC. It is frustrating to be forced to choose between buying a newer model PC installed with Microsoft’s new and bug-laden Windows Vista OS or paying more for an older model PC installed with the time-tested Windows XP. It is my opinion that an unfair abuse of power underlies Microsoft’s sales strategy. That being said, with Google’s domination of search and its increasing influence over the all things Internet, I find it ironic that Google would say Microsoft is challenging the openness of the web.

There may be more to Google’s interjection than meets the eye, however, as the New York Times reported today. And as consumer and someone who works online, I would prefer that Yahoo remain an independent entity. I wouldn’t even mind if Google helped raise the funding to make an independent Yahoo possible, and whether or not that would benefit Google is less of a concern to me than what might happen if Microsoft and Yahoo merge. Yes, I think it’s ironic for Google to call out Microsoft on its history of antitrust troubles, but in the end, if it came down to choosing between Microsoft/Yahoo and an independent Yahoo by way of Google, I would choose the latter. Then I would go buy a PC. Go figure.


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