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The ills of the American newspaper have been apparent for quite some time, especially as information has become so easily and cheaply disseminated from the myriad sources on the Internet to the ever-more-savvy story-seeking citizen. However, newspapers are still powerful institutions and many have or are owned by companies that have deep pockets and ambitious plans.

Just look at the contract that Alfonso Soriano signed this past offseason with the Tribune-owned Cubs!

It looks like newspaper companies are beginning to use their resources to begin diving into the rapidly developing niche of search marketing. The Washington Post, which showed its ability to think outside the paper box with its acquisition of Internet magazine Slate, has recently purchased CourseAdvisor, a directory of online education and training providers, for an undisclosed price.

The Washington Post has proven to very forward thinking in its venture into the digital age. Whereas other newspapers have struggled with problems of retaining readership, staff and influence, the Washington Post has actually seen revenue growth in recent years. I would proffer that it is no coincidence that this growth is being realized by the newspaper company that has–more so than any of its peers–readily embraced the fact that the future of media may very well be paperless.

I applaud the Washington Post for its recent acquisition and I tip my cap to the folks over at CourseAdvisor for their success in finding a unique and valuable search niche among students looking for information on higher education. Nobody can be sure if this acquisition is going to prove successful, however, the fact that the Washington Post is willing to invest in and later purchase a firm like CourseAdvisor shows that their leadership has both foresight and gumption which are qualities in low supply in the newspaper industry.

By the way, if any newspaper company executives are reading this, that last sentence wasn’t about you, it was about that other executive that you hate. So… what’s your offer for Wpromote?



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