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In the near future, deforestation could lead to our last white Christmas. This is true because leveling our carbon absorbing forests is the number one contributor to green house gas build up.  This growing problem is a top priority for tropical countries around the world, and because of the immense size of this issue people and companies from around the world are contributing time and money to the cause.  One company that can handle the amount of data that needs to be compiled and reviewed constantly in order to keep track of our changing forests is Google.  Through a new program called Google Earth Engine users can stay up to the moment with current changes and long term trends of global deforestation.  This blog will be covering the tools scientists around the world are using to help perserve our rain forests and a few other recently release tools that you can use to influence the world you live in.


Google Earth Engine was launched on December 2nd at the International Climate Change Conference.  This new Google tool compiles 25 years of satellite images to help scientists around the world compare our forests over time.  Google is also working closely with indigenous tribes of the Amazon forests in Brazil, by providing them with tools to monitor their forests.  These tools include android phones that help specify location and devices that help indicate a lower amount of carbon-dioxide where the preservation of trees is taking place.  Google is also working closely with Carnegie Institute of Science, and together they have developed a tool called Claslite that helps monitor the rate of deforestation.  With scientists viewing the constantly updated satellite images and native amazon tribes patrolling their land the two groups are able to stop and prosecute illegal deforestation.  Another great thing about these tools are that anyone can use them, so go save our rain forests!

After you are done saving the world’s rainforests, here are a few new Google tools that you also might enjoy.  Here is a tool for your computer-illiterate parents, TeachParentsTech.org.  This next one is going to require you to have the web browser Chrome.  If you have ever heard the saying, “There’s an app for that,” they were correct, and you can find that app here.  Just in case you are still not convinced that Google cares about preserving the Earth, here are their latest attempts to make the world a better place.  I am about to run out of room for this blog, so I will send you this link to PC Mag’s top 100 Sites from 2010.


Thanks for reading, and if I missed any great sites or apps, please let me know in a comment below.


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